path: root/arch/powerpc/kernel/exceptions-64e.S
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-27powerpc/64: optimise LOAD_REG_IMMEDIATE_SYM()Christophe Leroy
2019-08-27powerpc: rewrite LOAD_REG_IMMEDIATE() as an intelligent macroChristophe Leroy
2019-05-30treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 152Thomas Gleixner
2019-02-27powerpc/fsl: Fix the flush of branch predictor.Christophe Leroy
2019-02-23powerpc/64: Replace CURRENT_THREAD_INFO with PACA_THREAD_INFOChristophe Leroy
2019-02-23powerpc: Activate CONFIG_THREAD_INFO_IN_TASKChristophe Leroy
2018-12-20powerpc/fsl: Flush the branch predictor at each kernel entry (64bit)Diana Craciun
2018-07-30powerpc: clean inclusions of asm/feature-fixups.hChristophe Leroy
2018-07-24powerpc/64s: make PACA_IRQ_HARD_DIS track MSR[EE] closelyNicholas Piggin
2018-02-08powerpc/64s: Fix may_hard_irq_enable() for PMI soft maskingNicholas Piggin
2018-01-19powerpc/64: Rename soft_enabled to irq_soft_maskMadhavan Srinivasan
2018-01-19powerpc/64: Change soft_enabled from flag to bitmaskMadhavan Srinivasan
2018-01-19powerpc/64: Add #defines for paca->soft_enabled flagsMadhavan Srinivasan
2017-04-30powerpc/64e: Fix hang when debugging programs with relocated kernelLiuHailong
2016-11-28powerpc/64e: Don't branch to dot symbolsNicholas Piggin
2016-07-09powerpc32: provide VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTINGChristophe Leroy
2016-06-14powerpc: Various typo fixesMichael Ellerman
2015-10-27powerpc/book3e: support CONFIG_RELOCATABLETiejun Chen
2015-10-27powerpc/book3e-64: rename interrupt_end_book3e with __end_interruptsTiejun Chen
2015-08-07powerpc/fsl: Force coherent memory on e500mc derivativesScott Wood
2014-09-22powerpc/booke: Revert SPE/AltiVec common defines for interrupt numbersMihai Caraman
2014-06-11powerpc: Remove platforms/wsp and associated piecesMichael Ellerman
2014-04-23powerpc: Remove dot symbol usage in exception macrosAnton Blanchard
2014-04-23powerpc: Remove some unnecessary uses of _GLOBAL() and _STATIC()Anton Blanchard
2014-04-23powerpc: No need to use dot symbols when branching to a functionAnton Blanchard
2014-03-19powerpc/booke64: Critical and machine check exception supportScott Wood
2014-03-19powerpc/booke64: Add crit/mc/debug support to EXCEPTION_COMMONScott Wood
2014-03-19powerpc/booke64: Remove ints from EXCEPTION_COMMONScott Wood
2014-03-19powerpc/booke64: Use SPRG7 for VDSOScott Wood
2014-03-19powerpc/booke64: Fix exception numbersScott Wood
2014-03-19powerpc/book3e: store crit/mc/dbg exception thread infoTiejun Chen
2014-01-10powerpc: Replaced tlbilx with tlbwe in the initialization codeDiana Craciun
2014-01-07powerpc/booke64: Add LRAT error exception handlerMihai Caraman
2013-10-16powerpc/booke64: Use common defines for AltiVec interrupts numbersMihai Caraman
2013-10-11powerpc/booke64: Check napping in performance monitor interruptKevin Hao
2013-08-14powerpc/ppc64: Rename SOFT_DISABLE_INTS with RECONCILE_IRQ_STATETiejun Chen
2013-05-14powerpc/booke64: Fix kernel hangs at kernel_dbg_excScott Wood
2013-03-12powerpc/85xx: Add AltiVec support for e6500Kumar Gala
2013-01-10powerpc: Move branch instruction from ACCOUNT_CPU_USER_ENTRY to callerHaren Myneni
2012-09-12powerpc/booke: Separate out restore_e5500/setup_e5500 routines.Varun Sethi
2012-09-07powerpc: Restore VDSO information on critical exception om BookEMihai Caraman
2012-09-05powerpc/booke64: Use SPRG0/3 scratch for bolted TLB miss & crit intMihai Caraman
2012-09-05powerpc/booke64: Eemove mfspr srr1 duplicate in exception prologMihai Caraman
2012-09-05powerpc/booke64: Add DO_KVM kernel hooksMihai Caraman
2012-09-05powerpc/booke64: Use GSRR registers in Guest Doorbell interruptsMihai Caraman
2012-09-05powerpc/booke64: Fix machine check handler to use the right prologMihai Caraman
2012-07-11powerpc: Use CURRENT_THREAD_INFO instead of open coded assemblyStuart Yoder
2012-07-10powerpc: Enforce usage of RA 0-R31 where possibleMichael Neuling
2012-07-10powerpc: Fixes for instructions not using correct register namingMichael Neuling
2012-03-09powerpc: Rework lazy-interrupt handlingBenjamin Herrenschmidt