AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-04mm: select HAVE_MOVE_PMD on x86 for faster mremapJoel Fernandes (Google)
2019-01-04mm: speed up mremap by 20x on large regionsJoel Fernandes (Google)
2019-01-04mm: treewide: remove unused address argument from pte_alloc functionsJoel Fernandes (Google)
2019-01-04initramfs: cleanup incomplete rootfsDavid Engraf
2019-01-04scripts/gdb: fix lx-version string outputDu Changbin
2019-01-04kernel/kcov.c: mark write_comp_data() as notraceAnders Roxell
2019-01-04kernel/sysctl: add panic_print into sysctlFeng Tang
2019-01-04panic: add options to print system info when panic happensFeng Tang
2019-01-04bfs: extra sanity checking and static inode bitmapTigran Aivazian
2019-01-04exec: separate MM_ANONPAGES and RLIMIT_STACK accountingOleg Nesterov
2019-01-04exec: load_script: don't blindly truncate shebang stringOleg Nesterov
2019-01-04fork: fix some -Wmissing-prototypes warningsYi Wang
2019-01-04fat: new inline functions to determine the FAT variant (32, 16 or 12)Carmeli Tamir
2019-01-04fat: move MAX_FAT to fat.h and change it to inline functionCarmeli Tamir
2019-01-04fat: remove FAT_FIRST_ENT macroCarmeli Tamir
2019-01-04include/uapi/linux/msdos_fs.h: use MSDOS_NAME for volume label sizeCarmeli Tamir
2019-01-04hfsplus: return file attributes on statxErnesto A. Fernández
2019-01-04autofs: add strictexpire mount optionIan Kent
2019-01-04autofs: change catatonic setting to a bit flagIan Kent
2019-01-04autofs: simplify parse_options() function callIan Kent
2019-01-04autofs: improve ioctl sbi checksIan Kent
2019-01-04init/main.c: make "initcall_level_names[]" const char *Alexey Dobriyan
2019-01-04fs/epoll: deal with wait_queue only onceDavidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: rename check_events label to send_eventsDavidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: avoid barrier after an epoll_wait(2) timeoutDavidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: reduce the scope of wq lock in epoll_wait()Davidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: robustify ep->mtx held checksDavidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: drop ovflist branch predictionDavidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: simplify ep_send_events_proc() ready-list loopDavidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04fs/epoll: remove max_nests argument from ep_call_nested()Davidlohr Bueso
2019-01-04checkpatch: warn on const char foo[] = "bar"; declarationsJoe Perches
2019-01-04drivers/firmware/memmap.c: modify memblock_alloc to memblock_alloc_nopanichuang.zijiang
2019-01-04lib/genalloc.c: use vzalloc_node() to allocate the bitmapHuang Shijie
2019-01-04lib/find_bit_benchmark.c: align test_find_next_and_bit with othersYury Norov
2019-01-04lib/genalloc.c: fix allocation of aligned buffer from non-aligned chunkAlexey Skidanov
2019-01-04fls: change parameter to unsigned intMatthew Wilcox
2019-01-04include/linux/printk.h: drop silly "static inline asmlinkage" from dump_stack()Alexey Dobriyan
2019-01-04drivers/dma-buf/udmabuf.c: convert to use vm_fault_tSouptick Joarder
2019-01-04kernel/hung_task.c: break RCU locks based on jiffiesTetsuo Handa
2019-01-04kernel/hung_task.c: force console verbose before panicLiu, Chuansheng
2019-01-04build_bug.h: remove most of dummy BUILD_BUG_ON stubs for SparseMasahiro Yamada
2019-01-04build_bug.h: remove negative-array fallback for BUILD_BUG_ON()Masahiro Yamada
2019-01-04Documentation/process/coding-style.rst: don't use "extern" with function prot...Alexey Dobriyan
2019-01-04proc/sysctl: fix return error for proc_doulongvec_minmax()Cheng Lin
2019-01-04fs/proc/base.c: slightly faster /proc/*/limitsAlexey Dobriyan
2019-01-04fs/proc/inode.c: delete unnecessary variable in proc_alloc_inode()Alexey Dobriyan
2019-01-04fs/proc/util.c: include fs/proc/internal.h for name_to_int()Eric Biggers
2019-01-04fs/proc/base.c: use ns_capable instead of capable for timerslack_nsBenjamin Gordon
2019-01-04make 'user_access_begin()' do 'access_ok()'Linus Torvalds
2019-01-04Merge branches 'misc.misc' and 'work.iov_iter' into for-linusAl Viro