AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-25x20: Fix build when -I$(src) is not forcibly added to ccflagshacking/x20-3.18-fix_includesDaniel Thompson
2016-11-21Merge pull request #3 from berolinaro/mmap_rnd_bitsLilin
2016-11-16Move mmap_rnd_{compat_,}bits to /proc/sys/vmBernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-11-15Improve mmap randomness for AOSP NBernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-10-17Merge pull request #2 from n005056/helio-x20Lilin
2016-10-13Add by archermind(n005056) for update baselinelilin
2016-10-13Merge pull request #1 from helio-x20/helio-x20Lilin
2016-10-13Merge pull request #1 from berolinaro/helio-x20Lilin
2016-10-13Merge branch 'helio-x20' of github.com:berolinaro/linux-1 into helio-x20Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-10-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'x20-n005056/alps-release-m0.mp21-linaro' into h...Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-10-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'x20-bero/fix-makefiles' into helio-x20Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-09-30Fix "make mrproper"Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-09-29Add get_random_longBernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-09-29Allow specifying more bits to randomize mmap base addressesBernhard Rosenkränzer
2016-09-29mm: reorder can_do_mlock to fix audit denialJeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29selinux: Android kernel compatibility with M userspaceJeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29UPSTREAM: selinux: fix bug in conditional rules handlingStephen Smalley
2016-09-29selinux: extended permissions for ioctlsJeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29security: add ioctl specific auditing to lsm_auditJeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29selinux: remove unnecessary pointer reassignmentJeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29Revert "security: lsm_audit: add ioctl specific auditing"Jeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29Revert "SELinux: per-command whitelisting of ioctls"Jeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29Revert "SELinux: use deletion-safe iterator to free list"Jeff Vander Stoep
2016-09-29Revert "SELinux: ss: Fix policy write for ioctl operations"Jeff Vander Stoep
2016-08-30Merge pull request #1 from taiten/alps-release-m0.mp21-linaroTaiten Peng
2016-08-30added by archermind, LED GPL headerzhaowan
2016-08-30modify by archermind,hdmi is added user/userdebugzhaowan
2016-08-04by archermind, added switch hdmi to lcm functionzhaowan
2016-08-04add by archermind, cancel HDMI suspend /resume functionzhaowan
2016-08-04by archermind , power problems ,add suspend/resume functionzhaowan
2016-08-04added by archermind, backlight been has bright problem ,in standby mode.zhaowan
2016-07-21added by archermind , add config doc ,add dws doczhaowan
2016-07-21added by archermind, subcamera is ok,switch power onzhaowan
2016-07-21add by archermind,hdmi funion is added .zhaowan
2016-07-21add by archermind,add led funtionzhaowan
2016-07-21by zhaowan ,usb host/device switchzhaowan
2016-07-14[ALPS02768792] HDMI: add openpackage 8193 supportShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02752192] USB:fix port1 disconnect issueShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02751983] platform: add amt6797_64_open projectShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02751983] platform: remove amt6797_64_open projectShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02308504] USB: enable host on evb projectShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02710778] SELinux: Add correct file header licenseShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02737937] OTP/EEProm : Add File Header.Shangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02736757] Cam: add licenseShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02736676] log_store: modify file copyright information.Shangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02494638] copyright: license statementShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02734249] connectivity:wlan gen2 add GPLv2 headerShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02731271] wmt/stp: add copyright & licenseShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02730529] WMT: MTK copyright file header addShangbing Hu
2016-07-13[ALPS02731271] wmt/stp: add copyright & licenseShangbing Hu