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@@ -69,15 +69,16 @@ descriptors by adding their identifier to the format string
algorithm (field format: [<hash algo>:]digest, where the digest
prefix is shown only if the hash algorithm is not SHA1 or MD5);
- 'n-ng': the name of the event, without size limitations;
- - 'sig': the file signature.
+ - 'sig': the file signature;
+ - 'buf': the buffer data that was used to generate the hash without size limitations;
Below, there is the list of defined template descriptors:
- "ima": its format is ``d|n``;
- "ima-ng" (default): its format is ``d-ng|n-ng``;
- - "ima-sig": its format is ``d-ng|n-ng|sig``.
+ - "ima-sig": its format is ``d-ng|n-ng|sig``;
+ - "ima-buf": its format is ``d-ng|n-ng|buf``;