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Merge branch 'for-next/scs' into for-next/core
Support for Clang's Shadow Call Stack in the kernel (Sami Tolvanen and Will Deacon) * for-next/scs: arm64: entry-ftrace.S: Update comment to indicate that x18 is live scs: Move DEFINE_SCS macro into core code scs: Remove references to asm/scs.h from core code scs: Move scs_overflow_check() out of architecture code arm64: scs: Use 'scs_sp' register alias for x18 scs: Move accounting into alloc/free functions arm64: scs: Store absolute SCS stack pointer value in thread_info efi/libstub: Disable Shadow Call Stack arm64: scs: Add shadow stacks for SDEI arm64: Implement Shadow Call Stack arm64: Disable SCS for hypervisor code arm64: vdso: Disable Shadow Call Stack arm64: efi: Restore register x18 if it was corrupted arm64: Preserve register x18 when CPU is suspended arm64: Reserve register x18 from general allocation with SCS scs: Disable when function graph tracing is enabled scs: Add support for stack usage debugging scs: Add page accounting for shadow call stack allocations scs: Add support for Clang's Shadow Call Stack (SCS)
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