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Merge tag 'xarray-5.5' of git://git.infradead.org/users/willy/linux-daxHEADmaster
Pull XArray fixes from Matthew Wilcox: "Primarily bugfixes, mostly around handling index wrap-around correctly. A couple of doc fixes and adding missing APIs. I had an oops live on stage at linux.conf.au this year, and it turned out to be a bug in xas_find() which I can't prove isn't triggerable in the current codebase. Then in looking for the bug, I spotted two more bugs. The bots have had a few days to chew on this with no problems reported, and it passes the test-suite (which now has more tests to make sure these problems don't come back)" * tag 'xarray-5.5' of git://git.infradead.org/users/willy/linux-dax: XArray: Add xa_for_each_range XArray: Fix xas_find returning too many entries XArray: Fix xa_find_after with multi-index entries XArray: Fix infinite loop with entry at ULONG_MAX XArray: Add wrappers for nested spinlocks XArray: Improve documentation of search marks XArray: Fix xas_pause at ULONG_MAX
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