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Merge tag 'mips_5.2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mips/linux
Pull MIPS updates from Paul Burton: - A set of memblock initialization improvements thanks to Serge Semin, tidying up after our conversion from bootmem to memblock back in v4.20. - Our eBPF JIT the previously supported only MIPS64r2 through MIPS64r5 is improved to also support MIPS64r6. Support for MIPS32 systems is introduced, with the caveat that it only works for programs that don't use 64 bit registers or operations - those will bail out & need to be interpreted. - Improvements to the allocation & configuration of our exception vector that should fix issues seen on some platforms using recent versions of U-Boot. - Some minor improvements to code generated for jump labels, along with enabling them by default for generic kernels. * tag 'mips_5.2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mips/linux: (27 commits) mips: Manually call fdt_init_reserved_mem() method mips: Make sure dt memory regions are valid mips: Perform early low memory test mips: Dump memblock regions for debugging mips: Add reserve-nomap memory type support mips: Use memblock to reserve the __nosave memory range mips: Discard post-CMA-init foreach loop mips: Reserve memory for the kernel image resources MIPS: Remove duplicate EBase configuration MIPS: Sync icache for whole exception vector MIPS: Always allocate exception vector for MIPSr2+ MIPS: Use memblock_phys_alloc() for exception vector mips: Combine memblock init and memory reservation loops mips: Discard rudiments from bootmem_init mips: Make sure kernel .bss exists in boot mem pool mips: vdso: drop unnecessary cc-ldoption Revert "MIPS: ralink: fix cpu clock of mt7621 and add dt clk devices" MIPS: generic: Enable CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL MIPS: jump_label: Use compact branches for >= r6 MIPS: jump_label: Remove redundant nops ...
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