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authorDarrick J. Wong <darrick.wong@oracle.com>2018-05-30 19:43:53 -0700
committerDarrick J. Wong <darrick.wong@oracle.com>2018-05-30 19:43:53 -0700
commit829bc787c1a0403e4d886296dd4d90c5f9c1744a (patch)
parent021ba8e98fe5c6691b3cc3669faafa02403aa211 (diff)
fs: clear writeback errors in inode_init_always
In inode_init_always(), we clear the inode mapping flags, which clears any retained error (AS_EIO, AS_ENOSPC) bits. Unfortunately, we do not also clear wb_err, which means that old mapping errors can leak through to new inodes. This is crucial for the XFS inode allocation path because we recycle old in-core inodes and we do not want error state from an old file to leak into the new file. This bug was discovered by running generic/036 and generic/047 in a loop and noticing that the EIOs generated by the collision of direct and buffered writes in generic/036 would survive the remount between 036 and 047, and get reported to the fsyncs (on different files!) in generic/047. Signed-off-by: Darrick J. Wong <darrick.wong@oracle.com> Reviewed-by: Jeff Layton <jlayton@kernel.org> Reviewed-by: Brian Foster <bfoster@redhat.com>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/fs/inode.c b/fs/inode.c
index 13ceb98c3bd3..3b55391072f3 100644
--- a/fs/inode.c
+++ b/fs/inode.c
@@ -178,6 +178,7 @@ int inode_init_always(struct super_block *sb, struct inode *inode)
mapping->a_ops = &empty_aops;
mapping->host = inode;
mapping->flags = 0;
+ mapping->wb_err = 0;
atomic_set(&mapping->i_mmap_writable, 0);
mapping_set_gfp_mask(mapping, GFP_HIGHUSER_MOVABLE);
mapping->private_data = NULL;