BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devremove old filesChase Qi10 months
erp-17.08schedule erp testing on d0x with cron every 6 hoursChase Qi7 months
mastersync automate/libChase Qi7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-06sync automate/libHEADmasterChase Qi
2017-12-06android: tradefed: end test job when adb device lostChase Qi
2017-12-05android: vts: save vts_run_details.txtChase Qi
2017-11-15vts: bug fixChase Qi
2017-11-15vts: save runner logChase Qi
2017-11-15android: vts: bug fixes and improvementsChase Qi
2017-11-15android: tradefed: print vts real-time test progressChase Qi
2017-10-20force kill tf shell after 9 hoursChase Qi
2017-10-19android: tradefed: try to dump test logs with 'd l' in tf shellChase Qi
2017-10-19tradefed: kill test after 4 hours to upload test logChase Qi