BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ipsec-demo_patchRemove OFP_PERFORMANCEBogdan Pricope17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-02-16Remove OFP_PERFORMANCEipsec-demo_patchBogdan Pricope
2017-02-16Make pktio input queues work in parallel (ODP_SCHED_SYNC_PARALLEL) modeBogdan Pricope
2017-02-16Enable OFP_PERFORMANCE option (modified)Bogdan Pricope
2017-02-16Force sending incomplete burst of packets at each 100 loopsBogdan Pricope
2017-02-16Add 'shutdown' CLI commandBogdan Pricope
2017-02-14Store next hop address on SAD entry in order to skip one route lookupBogdan Pricope
2017-02-02Update packet pool paramsBogdan Pricope
2017-02-02IPsec demo: link statically with ODP libsBogdan Pricope
2017-02-02Enable TX burstBogdan Pricope
2017-02-02Enable IPsec static configuration modeBogdan Pricope