BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
androidMore dependenciesBernhard Rosenkraenzer7 years
masterUse assembly versions of some deblocking functions in MBAFFHenrik Gramner7 years
stableFix padding bug in x264_expand_border_mbpairHenrik Gramner7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-07-29Use assembly versions of some deblocking functions in MBAFFHEADmasterHenrik Gramner
2011-07-29Move X264_VERSION / X264_POINTVER from config.h to x264_config.hAnton Mitrofanov
2011-07-29Fix padding bug in x264_expand_border_mbpairstableHenrik Gramner
2011-07-29Timecode parsing: Add missing initializationYusuke Nakamura
2011-07-29Fix crash with high bitdepth 4:2:0 inputAnton Mitrofanov
2011-07-29x86 asm cosmeticsDaniel Kang
2011-07-26Fix a bug in lossless sub-8x8 RDJason Garrett-Glaser
2011-07-22Improved p8x4/4x8 search decisionJason Garrett-Glaser
2011-07-22Add --subme 11, which disables all early terminations in analysisDan Larkin
2011-07-22Some trivial changes to RD thresholdsDan Larkin