BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
arm-cleanup-combinedArmPlatformPkg/ArmJunoDxe: remove FDT handlingArd Biesheuvel19 months
arm-juno-cleanupArmPlatformPkg/ArmJunoDxe: simplify ACPI table installationArd Biesheuvel18 months
arm-memprotArmVirtQemu: restrict RWX mappingsArd Biesheuvel2 years
arm-platform-cleanupArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressDxe: simply FDT handling in ArmFvpDxeArd Biesheuvel19 months
hikey-rngHikey: add hacked up pseudo random EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL implArd Biesheuvel24 months
iommu-v4-armdma32ArmPkg: implement generic SMMU driver to remap DRAM for 32-bit PCI DMAArd Biesheuvel18 months
mmc-proxyEmbeddedPkg/MmcFvEmulationRuntimeDxe: expose the MMC host protocol pointerArd Biesheuvel2 years
shell-binary-updateShellBinPkg: update ARM/AARCH64 binariesArd Biesheuvel16 months
x86emuMdeModulePkg/PciBusDxe: invoke PE/COFF emulator for foreign option ROMsArd Biesheuvel10 months
x86emu-styxArmPkg: implement generic SMMU driver to remap DRAM for 32-bit PCI DMAArd Biesheuvel18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-08-17BaseTools GCC: prevent unaligned memory accesses on ARM GCC 4.6HEADmasterArd Biesheuvel
2015-08-17Add context check and init in BaseCrypto2Hash().Yao, Jiewen
2015-08-17SecurityPkg: Update SignatureSize to comply UEFI specChao Zhang
2015-08-17MdeModulePkg Variable: Handle variable Attributes mismatch caseStar Zeng
2015-08-17Fix typo in BaseCrypto2HashInit() which causes sanity check incorrect.Yao, Jiewen
2015-08-14NetworkPkg: Fix hang issue after system reconnected when IPSec has set upJiaxin Wu
2015-08-14ShellPkg\Tftp.c: Refine parameter name and use implicit comparison for BOOLEA...Qiu Shumin
2015-08-14Clean up unused data type - BOOL.Yao, Jiewen
2015-08-14MdeModulePkg:Fix the issue that Commit changes and Exit fail when add driver ...Dandan Bi
2015-08-13Add TPM2 support defined in trusted computing group.Yao, Jiewen