BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
wip-kumarscripts/ Add config generatorAndy Gross17 months
zep-2119Makefile: Add dts config include fileAndy Gross17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-18scripts/ Add config generatorwip-kumarAndy Gross
2017-05-16sanitycheck: Use DTS target and fix Kconfig depsAndy Gross
2017-05-08boards: arm: Add support for Nucleo L432KCNeil Armstrong
2017-05-08pinmux: stm32: Add support for Nucleo L432KCNeil Armstrong
2017-05-08arm: stm32l4: Add configuration and dts for STM32L432XXNeil Armstrong
2017-05-08pinmux: stm32: Do not compile PORTD when not availableNeil Armstrong
2017-05-08arch: Add Atmel SAM4S SoC supportfallrisk
2017-05-08ext: simplelink: Restructure CC3220SDK as SimpleLink SDKGil Pitney
2017-05-08boards: arduino_due: Added DTS to the Arduino Due.fallrisk
2017-05-08Bluetooth: Fix hci_raw's RX buffer allocCarles Cufi