AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysdb845c: Update build configdragonboard-android-mainline-trackingAmit Pundir
12 daysMerge remote branch 'dev/db845c-v5.4' of Pundir
12 daysFROMGIT: of: property: Skip adding device links to suppliers that aren't devicesSaravana Kannan
12 daysFROMGIT: scsi: ufs: override auto suspend tunables for ufsStanley Chu
12 daysFROMGIT: scsi: core: allow auto suspend override by low-level driverStanley Chu
12 daysANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable CONFIG_KEYBOARD_GPIOSteve Muckle
12 daysFROMLIST: scsi: ufs-qcom: enter and exit hibern8 during clock scalingAsutosh Das
12 daysFROMLIST: scsi: ufs: export hibern8 entry and exitAsutosh Das
12 daysANDROID: scsi: ufs: UFS crypto variant operations APISatya Tangirala
12 daysANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable inline encryptionSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: ext4: add inline encryption supportEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: f2fs: add inline encryption supportSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: fscrypt: add inline encryption supportSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: scsi: ufs: Add inline encryption support to UFSSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: scsi: ufs: UFS crypto APISatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: scsi: ufs: UFS driver v2.1 spec crypto additionsSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: block: blk-crypto for Inline EncryptionSatya Tangirala
12 daysANDROID: block: Fix bio_crypt_should_process WARN_ONSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: block: Add encryption context to struct bioSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: block: Keyslot Manager for Inline EncryptionSatya Tangirala
12 daysFROMLIST: f2fs: add support for IV_INO_LBLK_64 encryption policiesEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: ext4: add support for IV_INO_LBLK_64 encryption policiesEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: fscrypt: add support for IV_INO_LBLK_64 policiesEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: docs: ioctl-number: document fscrypt ioctl numbersEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: fscrypt: zeroize fscrypt_info before freeingEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: fscrypt: remove struct fscrypt_ctxEric Biggers
12 daysFROMLIST: fscrypt: invoke crypto API for ESSIV handlingEric Biggers
12 daysANDROID: media: increase video max frame numberMaheshwar Ajja
12 daysANDROID: Revert "sched: Rework pick_next_task() slow-path"Quentin Perret
12 daysANDROID: dummy_cpufreq: Implement get()Alistair Delva
12 daysANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable CONFIG_CPUSETSRam Muthiah
12 daysANDROID: virtio: virtio_input: Set the amount of multitouch slots in virtio i...Roman Kiryanov
12 daysANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_CONSERVATIVERam Muthiah
12 daysANDROID: create build.configs for allmodconfigMatthias Maennich
12 daysANDROID: add README.mdTodd Kjos
12 daysANDROID: virt_wifi: Add data ops for scan data simulationlesl
12 daysANDROID: Allow DRM_IOCTL_MODE_*_DUMB for render clients.Jason Macnak
12 daysANDROID: cpufreq: create dummy cpufreq driverConnor O'Brien
12 daysANDROID: init: GKI: enable hidden configs for mediaTodd Kjos
12 daysANDROID: gki_defconfig: add FORTIFY_SOURCE, remove SPMI_MSM_PMIC_ARBTodd Kjos
12 daysANDROID: build.config.*: Link android-mainline kernels with LLDNick Desaulniers
12 daysANDROID: ALSA: jack: Update supported jack switch typesBanajit Goswami
12 daysANDROID: ASoC: compress: fix unsigned integer overflow checkXiaojun Sang
12 daysFROMLIST: iommu: Export core IOMMU functions to kernel modulesIsaac J. Manjarres
12 daysFROMLIST: PCI: Export PCI ACS and DMA searching functions to modulesIsaac J. Manjarres
12 daysFROMLIST: of: Export of_phandle_iterator_args() to modulesIsaac J. Manjarres
12 daysANDROID: v4l2-compat-ioctl32.c: copy reserved fieldsMaheshwar Ajja
12 daysANDROID: of: property: Enable of_devlink by defaultSaravana Kannan
12 daysANDROID: of: property: Make sure child dependencies don't block probing of pa...Saravana Kannan
12 daysANDROID: driver core: Allow fwnode_operations.add_links to differentiate errorsSaravana Kannan