BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterpwrm: update scirpt to pick sanjay pmqaSanjay Singh Rawat4 years
testpwrmgmt: run tip of pmqaSanjay Singh Rawat5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-09-01pwrm: update scirpt to pick sanjay pmqaHEADmasterSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-08-27Merge " change to operate files under /data/local/tmp/"Milosz Wasilewski change to operate files under /data/local/tmp/Yongqin Liu
2014-08-25kvm: disable bridge on aarch64Riku Voipio Initial script for odp isolationSantosh Shukla broken x86 quirk switch in getoptsSantosh Shukla exit early in case of non-stress appSantosh Shukla show script version informationSantosh Shukla use getopts for argument parsingSantosh Shukla
2014-08-18pwrmgmt: Bump release number and update parse patternLisa Nguyen