BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
20150717Update misc test results to reflects improvements to iaslAl Stone3 years
debianUpdate to 20181213 upstream and refresh patchesAl Stone19 hours
linaroMerge branch 'debian'Al Stone4 years
masterUpdate to 20181213 upstream and refresh patchesAl Stone19 hours
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for acpica-unix_20181213.orig.tar.gzAl Stone19 hours
upstreamNew upstream version 20181213Al Stone19 hours
debian/20160729-1acpica-tools-debian/20160729-1.tar.gz  Al Stone2 years
upstream/20160729acpica-tools-upstream/20160729.tar.gz  Al Stone2 years
debian/20160527-2acpica-tools-debian/20160527-2.tar.gz  Al Stone2 years
debian/20160527-1acpica-tools-debian/20160527-1.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
upstream/20160527acpica-tools-upstream/20160527.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
debian/20160422-1acpica-tools-debian/20160422-1.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
upstream/20160422acpica-tools-upstream/20160422.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
debian/20160318-1acpica-tools-debian/20160318-1.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
upstream/20160318acpica-tools-upstream/20160318.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
debian/20160212-1acpica-tools-debian/20160212-1.tar.gz  Al Stone3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
19 hoursUpdate to 20181213 upstream and refresh patchesHEADmasterdebianAl Stone
19 hoursUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/20181213'Al Stone
19 hoursNew upstream version 20181213upstreamAl Stone
20 hoursMerge branch 'debian'Al Stone
20 hoursUpdate to 20181031 upstream, and refresh patchesAl Stone
20 hoursUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/20181031'Al Stone
20 hoursNew upstream version 20181031Al Stone
2018-10-24Corrected/updated the converterSample misc test expected resultsAl Stone
2018-10-24Update the script so it's easier to read/maintainAl Stone
2018-10-24Fix update-alternatives to point at the actual compressed man pagesAl Stone