BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
20150717Update misc test results to reflects improvements to iaslAl Stone3 years
debianClean up lintian warnings about using update-alternativesAl Stone2 days
linaroMerge branch 'debian'Al Stone3 years
masterClean up lintian warnings about using update-alternativesAl Stone2 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for acpica-unix_20180209.orig.tar.gzAl Stone12 days
upstreamNew upstream version 20180209Al Stone12 days
debian/20160729-1acpica-tools-debian/20160729-1.tar.gz  Al Stone19 months
upstream/20160729acpica-tools-upstream/20160729.tar.gz  Al Stone19 months
debian/20160527-2acpica-tools-debian/20160527-2.tar.gz  Al Stone20 months
debian/20160527-1acpica-tools-debian/20160527-1.tar.gz  Al Stone21 months
upstream/20160527acpica-tools-upstream/20160527.tar.gz  Al Stone21 months
debian/20160422-1acpica-tools-debian/20160422-1.tar.gz  Al Stone23 months
upstream/20160422acpica-tools-upstream/20160422.tar.gz  Al Stone23 months
debian/20160318-1acpica-tools-debian/20160318-1.tar.gz  Al Stone24 months
upstream/20160318acpica-tools-upstream/20160318.tar.gz  Al Stone24 months
debian/20160212-1acpica-tools-debian/20160212-1.tar.gz  Al Stone2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysClean up lintian warnings about using update-alternativesHEADmasterdebianAl Stone
2 daysAdded patch to clean up pointer casts on 32-bit archesAl Stone
3 daysCorrected free-before-use error in a patchAl Stone
3 daysRemove patch adding -th option; upstream has gone a different directionAl Stone
3 daysAdd new patch for cleaning up compiler warningsAl Stone
9 daysAdd github patch to improve generated hex header files; clean up changelogAl Stone
10 daysFixes for CVE-2017-1369[345]Al Stone
12 daysupdate grammar results for 20180209Al Stone
12 daysupdate badcode results for 20180209Al Stone
12 daysUpdate to 20180209 upstream source, including patch refreshesAl Stone