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2012-05-25Add OE-Core's gcc-4.3.1-ARCH_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET.patchdenzil-binary-4.6-2012.03denzil-4.6-2012.05denzilKen Werner
2012-05-25Update to Linaro GCC 4.6.4 2012.05Ken Werner
2012-05-14Revert "Backport of the GCC 4.7 support from oe-core master"Ken Werner
2012-05-14Revert "Initial support for Linaro GCC 4.7"Ken Werner
2012-05-11Initial support for Linaro GCC 4.7Ken Werner
2012-05-11Backport of the GCC 4.7 support from oe-core masterKen Werner
2012-05-02gcc-linaro-4.6: Fix install location of libstdc++ for qemux86-64Ken Werner
2012-04-23gcc-linaro-4.6.inc: Bump version to Linaro GCC 4.6.4 2012.04.Ken Werner
2012-03-07Add recipes for the Linaro flavour of the gcc-crosssdkKen Werner
2012-03-07Import two GCC patches from OE-coreKen Werner
2012-03-07libgcc recipe for the linaro-4.6 toolchainKen Werner
2012-03-07Initial support for the Linaro GCC 4.6 based toolchainKen Werner