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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-31leg-java-image: add openjdk-8-jdk and openjdk-8-jreAndrew McDermott
2013-07-31linaro-image-lng: add arndale-pre-boot recipeFathi Boudra
2013-07-31linaro-image-lng: add procps, systemtap and valgrind (LP: #1206904)Fathi Boudra
2013-07-31linaro-image-commmon: remove acpica and add stressRiku Voipio
2013-07-26aarch64: add libhugetlbfs recipeFathi Boudra
2013-07-25sdk: add lshw recipeFathi Boudra
2013-07-24sdk: add acpica recipeFathi Boudra
2013-07-24sdk: add efibootmgrFathi Boudra
2013-07-23sdk: add dmidecode, override COMPATIBLE_HOST to build for ARMFathi Boudra
2013-07-23leg-java: fix coding styleFathi Boudra
2013-07-23lng: explicitely specify ltp when needed and get rid ofFathi Boudra
2013-07-23sdk: add python (LP: #1204118)Fathi Boudra
2013-07-23lamp: remove LAMP_IMAGE_INSTALL (used in a lamp image only)Fathi Boudra
2013-06-25linaro-image-leg-java: new image for LEG Java validationAndrew McDermott
2013-06-19Rename linaro-image-lng-minimal to linaro-img-lngAnders Roxell
2013-06-18created a LNG minimal imageAnders Roxell
2013-06-14image-lamp: add xvfbRiku Voipio
2013-06-12linaro-image-kvm: new imageRiku Voipio
2013-06-10add qemu-kvm to sdk/lamp imageRiku Voipio
2013-04-26linaro images: add libunwind to SDKMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-27auto-serial-console: move to recipes-linaro as this is our stuffMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-25images: ship stress-dbg cause perf test wants debug symbolsMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-25linaro images: adapt to (google-)glog renameMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-22linaro images: ship bash due to lava needsMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-20linaro-images: add powertopMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-18images: do not include lava-test-runner - LP: #1154930Marcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-14images: use nss-myhostname to get MACHINE name resolvedMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-13move everything to meta-linaro directoryMarcin Juszkiewicz