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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-21busybox bbappend: move to meta-linaro-integrationKoen Kooi
2014-02-05busybox: busybox has been upgraded, rename the bbappend file to match the cur...Fathi Boudra
2013-11-26linaro-image-minimal-initramfs: do not invoke bash as a login shellTyler Baker
2013-11-15linaro-image-minimal-initramfs: use devtmpfs over mknod to increase portabilityTyler Baker
2013-10-21busybox: Background udhcpc if lease is not immediately obtainedKim Phillips
2013-10-18busybox: enable CONFIG_FEATURE_TAR_NOPRESERVE_TIMENicolas Dechesne
2013-10-01pigz-native.bbappend removeRiku Voipio
2013-09-17minimal-initramfs: fix tty permissions and drop execFathi Boudra
2013-09-13linaro-image-minimal-rootfs: add custom init scriptFathi Boudra
2013-09-13busybox: add setsid and httpd, used in the minimal initramfs imageFathi Boudra
2013-09-10pigz: pull zlib-native before useRiku Voipio
2013-07-22busybox: bump recipe version (oe-core ships 1.21.1)Fathi Boudra
2013-03-27auto-serial-console: move to recipes-linaro as this is our stuffMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-24busybox: just enable what we need instead of copying defconfigMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-14netbase: drop in favour of nss-myhostnameMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-03-13move everything to meta-linaro directoryMarcin Juszkiewicz