path: root/meta-linaro-integration
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-15image-vmdk.bbclass: drop overlayKoen Kooi
2015-06-12image-vmdk: import from OE-coreKoen Kooi
2015-03-13busybox: xargs support for nul terminated inputFathi Boudra
2015-02-22acpicatests: fix empty string invalid as file nameFathi Boudra
2015-02-22shadow: rebase recipe on oe-core/masterFathi Boudra
2015-02-22pm-qa: drop overlayed recipe - merged in meta-oeFathi Boudra
2015-02-22Merge "nss-myhostname: rebase recipe on oe-core/master"Koen Kooi
2015-02-22nss-myhostname: rebase recipe on oe-core/masterFathi Boudra
2015-02-22Merge "acpica: overlay only the extra patch"Koen Kooi
2015-02-22linux-yocto-tiny: overlay to fix parse error in meta-initramfsBruce Ashfield
2015-02-22libpng: drop overlayed recipe - merged in oe-coreFathi Boudra
2015-02-22firefox: drop from integration overlayFathi Boudra
2015-02-22acpica: overlay only the extra patchFathi Boudra
2015-02-22kexec-tools: drop overlayed recipe - merged in oe-coreFathi Boudra
2015-02-20kexec-tools: fix build failure on aarch64_be architectureFathi Boudra
2015-02-18Merge "linux-dummy: emit kernel-depmod pkgdata"Koen Kooi
2015-02-18busybox: update udhcpc cmd optionsFathi Boudra
2015-02-17linux-dummy: emit kernel-depmod pkgdataKoen Kooi
2015-01-23linux-dummy: add missing fileKoen Kooi
2015-01-22linux-dummy: overlay for work_shared fixKoen Kooi
2015-01-21kexec-tools: drop, 2.0.8+aarch64 is in oe-core nowKoen Kooi
2015-01-15libunwind: drop, fixes are in OE-core nowKoen Kooi
2015-01-07fwts: drop overlayed recipeFathi Boudra
2014-12-11linux-libc-headers 3.18: move to meta-linaro-integrationKoen Kooi
2014-12-04fwts : update Upstream-Status for the patches to acceptedGraeme Gregory
2014-12-03meta-linaro-integration: finish eglibc->glibc moveKoen Kooi
2014-11-28fwts: add patches to allow FACS to be optional in HW reduced modeGraeme Gregory
2014-11-28acpicatests : include the actual test scriptGraeme Gregory
2014-11-13ltp: drop overlayed recipe - merged upstreamFathi Boudra
2014-11-12fwts: upgrade to 14.09.00 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-10-29ltp: update to 20140828 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-10-06php: drop overlay, change is in upstream meta-oe nowadaysKoen Kooi
2014-10-01shadow-securetty: add SBSA compatible UARTFathi Boudra
2014-09-26Merge "acpica: update to 20140828 release"Koen Kooi
2014-09-26Merge "pm-qa: update to 0.4.14 release"Koen Kooi
2014-09-26acpica: update to 20140828 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-09-26pm-qa: update to 0.4.14 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-09-26libunwind: add aarch64 supportFathi Boudra
2014-09-22libpng: overlay recipe for aarch64 neon symbol fixKoen Kooi
2014-09-17eglibc: merge linaro-2.19 into 2.19Koen Kooi
2014-09-15meta-linaro-integration: add eglibc to SIGGEN exceptions.Koen Kooi
2014-09-15conf: add tclibc-eglibc.incKoen Kooi
2014-09-09eglibc: copy eglibc 2.19 recipe from oe-coreFathi Boudra
2014-09-01Revert "udev: overlay for postgres fix"Riku Voipio
2014-08-31Remove overlay recipe for libhugetlbfsGary S. Robertson
2014-08-27shadow-securetty: add Qualcomm and STMicroelectronics SoCsFathi Boudra
2014-08-20udev: overlay for postgres fix14.08Riku Voipio
2014-08-09nss-myhostname: overlay for dependency fixKoen Kooi
2014-08-09kexec-tools: drop double applied patchKoen Kooi
2014-08-09kexec-tools: move to right directoryKoen Kooi