path: root/meta-aarch64/recipes-core/openjdk/openjdk-8-common.inc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-21openjdk: fix build failure14.11Koen Kooi
2014-11-20openjdk8: fix vm build breakageKoen Kooi
2014-11-14openjdk: pass correct sysroot to compilerKoen Kooi
2014-06-17openjdk8: limit COMPATIBLE_HOST to aarch64Koen Kooi
2014-06-17openjdk8: pass arch flags to compiler testsKoen Kooi
2014-06-17openjdk-8: use $TARGET_SYS instead of hardcoding itKoen Kooi
2014-04-04openjdk8: ensure /usr/include/sys/sdt.h is not foundAndrew McDermott
2014-04-03openjdk8: remove non-aarch64 binaries from openjdk8-jtreg packageAndrew McDermott
2013-11-19leg-java: openjdk-8: remove .debuginfo files from installed imageAndrew McDermott
2013-11-18meta-linaro: add openjdk-8-jtreg packageAndrew McDermott
2013-10-31meta-linaro: openjdk-8: don't install debug files (.diz)Andrew McDermott
2013-10-24meta-linaro: openjdk-8: make group/other perms +r in do_installAndrew McDermott
2013-10-24meta-linaro: openjdk-8: add runtime recommendation on liberation-fontsAndrew McDermott
2013-10-17leg-java: openjdk-8: build both client and server releasesAndrew McDermott
2013-10-08leg-java: openjdk-8: add update-alternatives for all Java binariesAndrew McDermott
2013-10-08leg-java: openjdk-8: remove icedtea7-native build dependencyAndrew McDermott
2013-09-10meta-aarch64: openjdk-8: correct S=<dir>Andrew McDermott
2013-08-08meta-aarch64: openjdk-8: daily tarball taken from snapshots.linaro.orgAndrew McDermott
2013-08-05Revert "aarch64: openjdk-8: add openjdk-7 as dependency"Andrew McDermott
2013-08-02Revert "openjdk-8: set sysroot manually"Andrew McDermott
2013-08-02openjdk-8: set sysroot manuallyRiku Voipio
2013-08-02aarch64: openjdk-8: disable ccache when buildingAndrew McDermott
2013-08-01aarch64: openjdk-8: add openjdk-7 as dependencyAndrew McDermott
2013-08-01aarch64: openjdk8: add LOG=debug to do_compile stageAndrew McDermott
2013-08-01aarch64: openjdk-8: add libxt as dependencyAndrew McDermott
2013-07-31aarch64: add initial openjdk-8 recipeAndrew McDermott