AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-12perf: Remove bbappendrockoDaniel Díaz
2018-03-09optee-os: simplify deploy logicKoen Kooi
2018-02-08gcc-linaro: add 7.2-2017.11Koen Kooi
2017-12-06linux.inc: no longer include linux-dtb.incNicolas Dechesne
2017-12-06.gitreview: add default branch nameNicolas Dechesne
2017-11-21optee-os: always deploy filesKoen Kooi
2017-11-10meta-linaro: linaro-image-minimal-initramfs: add gptfdiskNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-19image-magic 6.9.2: resurrect old version to match python-wandKoen Kooi
2017-10-12python-wand: add SRCREV, fix QA issue and add comment about imagemagick versionMartin Jansa
2017-10-11meta-linaro/recipes-extra: Add stress-ng recipeAníbal Limón
2017-10-05meta-ilp32: glibc: update Git SRCREV for force-updated branchDaniel Díaz
2017-10-05meta-optee: python-wand: upgrade to latest release 0.4.4Fathi Boudra
2017-10-05meta-ilp32: perl: undefine libm_lib_version for ILP32Daniel Díaz
2017-10-05meta-ilp32: glibc: use arm/ilp32 branch for 2.26Daniel Díaz
2017-10-05meta-ilp32: glibc: pick up patches and pieces from OE's 2.26Daniel Díaz
2017-10-04gcc-linaro-6.3: Add patch for enable builds with glibc 2.26Aníbal Limón
2017-09-26meta-optee: optee-os: bump PV and SRCREVFathi Boudra
2017-09-20meta-ilp32: follow style guidelinesFathi Boudra
2017-09-20meta-ilp32: grub: fix build failuresVishal Bhoj
2017-09-20meta-ilp32: hikey-ilp32.conf: include edk2-hikey in the buildVishal Bhoj
2017-09-20edk2-hikey: provide correct grub.cfgVishal Bhoj
2017-09-19hikey-ilp32.conf: set optee specific flagsVishal Bhoj
2017-09-19meta-ilp32: grub: add pre-built grub recipeVishal Bhoj
2017-09-19meta-ilp32: hikey-ilp32: add edk2-hikey bbappendVishal Bhoj
2017-09-15meta-ilp32: hikey-ilp32: add optee_os bbappendVishal Bhoj
2017-09-06meta-ilp32: conf: add hikey-ilp32 machine configurationVishal Bhoj
2017-09-04Merge "genericarmv8-ilp32.conf: set kernel device tree to HiKey"Fathi Boudra
2017-09-04linaro-image-minimal-ltp: add kernel-image explicitelyFathi Boudra
2017-09-02genericarmv8-ilp32.conf: set kernel device tree to HiKeyFathi Boudra
2017-08-31genericarmv8-ilp32.conf: include the kernel in ILP32 imageFathi Boudra
2017-08-31gcc linaro 7.1: update to 2017.08Koen Kooi
2017-08-31openssl: remove overlayed recipeFathi Boudra
2017-08-31linux-hikey-ilp32_4.12: add linux.incFathi Boudra
2017-08-31meta-ilp32: insane: fix package_qa failure due to 64bit kernel module vs 32bi...Vishal Bhoj
2017-08-31meta-ilp32: machine: build hikey kernelVishal Bhoj
2017-08-31recipe-kernel: Add ilp32 kernel recipeVishal Bhoj
2017-08-30gcc-cross{-initial}.inc: import from OE-core/masterKoen Kooi
2017-08-30gcc-linaro: add 7.1.1-2017.05Koen Kooi
2017-08-16meta-ilp32: build ext4 rootfs imageVishal Bhoj
2017-08-16meta-ilp32: gnutls: workaround to build for ilp32Vishal Bhoj
2017-08-11nspr: ilp32: add the right fix for nss and nsprVishal Bhoj
2017-08-10ilp32: nss: Suppress warnings as a workaroundVishal Bhoj
2017-08-10linux-libc-headers: update to 4.12 kernelVishal Bhoj
2017-08-07linaro-image-minimal-initramfs: the uboot class was merged into core-imageChristian Haettich
2017-08-04ilp32: add support to build gmp for ilp32Vishal Bhoj
2017-08-02ilp32: glibc: include glibc 2.25 recipe for ilp32Vishal Bhoj
2017-07-28linux-libc-headers: update to 4.11 ilp32 treeVishal Bhoj
2017-06-21binutils: update binutils-cross specific patch to follow oe-coreDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-06-20meta-linaro: move genericarmv8*.conf machinesNicolas Dechesne
2017-06-20binutils: sync patch with OE-coreKoen Kooi