AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-01optee-os: fix 32bit version for 32/64 bit mixed optee supportmortysivasubramanian.patchaiperumal
2018-02-27optee: Add enable cache API patch for HiKey.Peter Griffin
2017-10-12imagemagick: switch back to old bb.utils syntaxKoen Kooi
2017-10-12Merge "image-magic 6.9.2: resurrect old version to match python-wand" into mortyKoen Kooi
2017-10-12python-wand: add SRCREV, fix QA issue and add comment about imagemagick versionMartin Jansa
2017-10-11linaro-gcc-6.2: backport fix of check for empty string in ubsan.cDaniel Thompson
2017-10-10image-magic 6.9.2: resurrect old version to match python-wandKoen Kooi
2017-10-05meta-optee: python-wand: upgrade to latest release 0.4.4Fathi Boudra
2017-06-20meta-linaro: move genericarmv8*.conf machinesNicolas Dechesne
2017-06-19optee-client: Respect LDFLAGS set from OE buildMartin Jansa
2017-05-18idlestat: uprev to 0.8 releaseFathi Boudra
2017-05-10optee: uprev client/os/test to 2.4.0Fathi Boudra
2017-04-07tcmode-external-linaro: also blacklist gcc-runtimeKoen Kooi
2017-04-07external-linaro-toolchain: add missing PKGV statementsKoen Kooi
2017-04-06ldconfig-native: remove local copy in favor of oe-core oneDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-06external-linaro-toolchain: fix packaging for 6.3-2017.02Koen Kooi
2017-03-17insane: rewrite the expanded-d test as a QAPKGTESTRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: add QAPKGTEST, a package-wide equivilant to QAPATHTESTRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: factor out the test matrix processingRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: fix expanded-d testRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: Add aarch64 baremetal mappings to the QA arch testAlexandre Belloni
2017-03-17insane.bbclass:buildpaths: open() file with 'rb'Robert Yang
2017-03-17insane.bbclass: fix package_qa_check_arch() for mips64-o32Robert Yang
2017-03-17insane: display names instead of ELF machine numbersRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane.bbclass: Add mipsisa{32, 64}r6{el, }Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
2017-03-17insane.bbclass: Additional "mips" and "mipsel" machine definitionsJuro Bystricky
2017-03-17sanity: make license QA failures fatal againRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: improve package_qa_clean_pathRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: only check ${S} exists if we had sources to fetchRoss Burton
2017-03-17insane: Add mechanism to extend QA machine information from BSP layerRichard Purdie
2017-03-17tcmode-external-linaro: blacklist toolchain recipesKoen Kooi
2017-03-17meta-linaro-integration: recipes-overlayed: add kselftestsFathi Boudra
2017-02-22gator: fix linking, try 2Koen Kooi
2017-02-17optee: uprev client/os/test to 2.3.0Fathi Boudra
2017-02-17gator: update to 5.22 and fix buildKoen Kooi
2017-01-19optee-test: add a patch fix build failure with GCC 6Andrey Konovalov
2017-01-18optee-os: fix build failure with GCC 6Fathi Boudra
2016-12-23binutils-crosssdk: match OE-Core, use SDK_SYS suffix instead of SDK/TARGET_ARCHDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-12-23binutils: add linaro-2.27Koen Kooi
2016-12-22binutils: add lost relocatable_sdk.patch used by crosssdk 2.27 recipeDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-12-20recipes: fix SRC_URI, as releases.linaro.org moved YY.MM dirs into archiveDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-12-20external-linaro-toolchain: sync PROVIDES and PACKAGES with OE-coreKoen Kooi
2016-12-01Merge "binutils linaro-2.25: fix buildfailure on armv7a for all binutils" int...Fathi Boudra
2016-12-01gcc: add linaro 6.2-2016.11Koen Kooi
2016-11-30binutils linaro-2.25: fix buildfailure on armv7a for all binutilsMax Krummenacher
2016-11-23optee-client: respect OE's ${libdir}Koen Kooi
2016-11-01optee-client: update license checksumDaniel Díaz
2016-10-31binutils linaro-2.25: fix buildfailure on armv7aKoen Kooi
2016-10-24linaro-image-lng: use a different way to remove networking scriptKoen Kooi
2016-10-22binutils: inherit pythonnative to fix ucs4 issueKoen Kooi