AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-06perf: ensure fetch/unpack/patch runsKoen Kooi
2014-12-18linaro-image-lng: uniform hostname on all machinesGary S. Robertson
2014-12-12trinity: update to 1.5pre14.12Koen Kooi
2014-12-11openssl: add support for ILP32Koen Kooi
2014-12-11openssl: import into meta-aarch64 for ILP32 supportKoen Kooi
2014-12-11genericarmv8-ilp32: add machine config for ilp32 testingKoen Kooi
2014-12-11insane.bbclass: add ILP32 supportKoen Kooi
2014-12-11insane.bbclass: import into meta-aarch for ILP32 supportKoen Kooi
2014-12-11siteinfo.bbclass: add ILP32 supportKoen Kooi
2014-12-11siteinfo.bbclass: import into meta-aarch64Koen Kooi
2014-12-11linux-libc-headers 3.18: move to meta-linaro-integrationKoen Kooi
2014-12-11linux-libc-headers 3.18: add ILP32 patchesKoen Kooi
2014-12-11linux-libc-headers: add 3.18, needed for ILP32Koen Kooi
2014-12-11gcc-linaro-4.9.inc: add --with-abi=ilp32 for ILP32 buildsKoen Kooi
2014-12-11arch-armv8: add ILP32 configKoen Kooi
2014-12-10tcmode-external-linaro: set PREFERRED_PROVIDER for (g)libc-mtraceKoen Kooi
2014-12-10external-linaro-toolchain: provide (g)libc-mtraceKoen Kooi
2014-12-09glibc linaro 2.20: add ILP32 patchesKoen Kooi
2014-12-04fwts : update Upstream-Status for the patches to acceptedGraeme Gregory
2014-12-04Merge "gcc-source: add linaro-4.9"Fathi Boudra
2014-12-04glibc-initial: add linaro-2.20 versionKoen Kooi
2014-12-04gcc-source: add linaro-4.9Koen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: package libubsanKoen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: package libasanKoen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: package libatomicKoen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: rprovide glibc-*Koen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: provide libsegfault and catchsegvKoen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: provide gcov-devKoen Kooi
2014-12-03external-linaro-toolchain: remove PRKoen Kooi
2014-12-03meta-linaro-integration: finish eglibc->glibc moveKoen Kooi
2014-12-01glibc: remove cross-localedef-native recipeFathi Boudra
2014-12-01external-linaro-toolchain-versions.inc: add support for cbuild2 version parsingKoen Kooi
2014-11-28binutils: update to Linaro binutils 2.24-2014.11 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-11-28linaro-image-lamp: add aapits to imageGraeme Gregory
2014-11-28fwts: add patches to allow FACS to be optional in HW reduced modeGraeme Gregory
2014-11-28acpicatests : include the actual test scriptGraeme Gregory
2014-11-27(e)glibc: update eglibc-linaro 2.19 to glibc-linaro 2.20Koen Kooi
2014-11-25gcc-linaro-4.9: update to 2014.11 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-11-25linaro-image-common: add python-numpyFathi Boudra
2014-11-21openjdk: fix build failure14.11Koen Kooi
2014-11-20linux-linaro update to 14.10Riku Voipio
2014-11-20Add standalone perf recipeRiku Voipio
2014-11-20openjdk8: fix vm build breakageKoen Kooi
2014-11-14openjdk: pass correct sysroot to compilerKoen Kooi
2014-11-13ltp: drop overlayed recipe - merged upstreamFathi Boudra
2014-11-12strace: fix strace-arm-be8 patch for 4.9 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-11-12fwts: upgrade to 14.09.00 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-11-12Merge "external-linaro-toolchain: eglibc -> glibc"Fathi Boudra
2014-11-12external-linaro-toolchain: eglibc -> glibcKoen Kooi
2014-11-04Merge "ltp: update to 20140828 release"Koen Kooi