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dwarfutils: added README with upstream note
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+Patches were submitted upstream and the answer was:
+Yes, I assume host == build in all releases to date. AFAIK you are the
+first to try a canadian-cross build.
+Another issue is that the build is not set up to do the build anywhere
+but inside the source tree. It is true that make-clean/CLEANUP fixes up
+the mess pretty well, but a separate build directory would be a nice
+(and traditional) thing to allow.
+I cannot use your submission for anything (Linaro and I have no
+agreement in place) but I think these are interesting and worthwhile
+small issues that libdwarf/dwarfdump should be able to deal with.
+Thanks for the suggestion. I made a note and should be able to take a
+look at this issue in the near future.