BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfellKERNEL: correct kernel package nameChristophe Priouzeau2 years
honistergitreview: switch to honisterNicolas Dechesne8 months
kirkstone.gitreview: add kirkstoneNicolas Dechesne8 weeks
masterlibbsd: drop overrideDmitry Baryshkov8 weeks
mortyoptee-os: fix 32bit version for 32/64 bit mixed optee supportsivasubramanian.patchaiperumal4 years
rockoperf: Remove bbappendDaniel Díaz3 years
sumoperf: Remove bbappendDaniel Díaz3 years
thudexternal-arm-toolchain: install missing toolchain binariesSumit Garg3 years
warriorgcc-arm-8.3.inc: fix version parsing in cve_checkRalph Siemsen2 years
zeusmeta-arm-toolchain: use GCC 9.2 source tar ball insted of svnSumit Garg2 years
16.01meta-linaro-16.01.tar.gz  Koen Kooi7 years
15.12meta-linaro-15.12.tar.gz  Stuart Haslam7 years
15.11meta-linaro-15.11.tar.gz  Koen Kooi7 years
15.10meta-linaro-15.10.tar.gz  Koen Kooi7 years
15.09meta-linaro-15.09.tar.gz  Anders Roxell7 years
15.07meta-linaro-15.07.tar.gz  Zongchun Yu7 years
15.08meta-linaro-15.08.tar.gz  Zongchun Yu7 years
15.06meta-linaro-15.06.tar.gz  Fathi Boudra7 years
15.03meta-linaro-15.03.tar.gz  Gary S. Robertson7 years
15.02meta-linaro-15.02.tar.gz  Fathi Boudra7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-04-15eglibc: accept GNU make version 4 or later (backport from 2.19)14.04Denys Dmytriyenko
2014-03-12libhugetlbfs: switch SRC_URI to http protocolKoen Kooi
2014-03-12gator: lock down SRCREVKoen Kooi
2014-03-12gator: switch SRC_URI to http protocolKoen Kooi
2014-03-12linux-linaro*: switch away from nonworking git protocolKoen Kooi
2014-02-21Merge "linux-linux-fastmodel.inc: lock down AUTOREV to current git." into doraFathi Boudra
2014-02-21linux-linux-fastmodel.inc: lock down AUTOREV to current git.Koen Kooi
2014-02-05qemu git: update to latest git to drag in aarch64 supportKoen Kooi
2014-02-05Merge "qemu git: replace AUTOREV with fixed SRCREV" into doraKoen Kooi
2014-01-31qemu git: replace AUTOREV with fixed SRCREVKoen Kooi