tag namev1.0.3 (5f8e3f03a7837658b82062d818c85c4c89ffca09)
tag date2015-04-17 19:02:30 +0300
tagged byMaxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 1bc6f09703...
* test:
* validation: - validation: add new test l2fwd_run - validation: sched: add missing copyright - validation: move l2fwd from example to performance tests - validation: implement platform env - validation: crypto: combine sync and async tests - validation: crypto: handle synchronous operations in async test - test: enable valgrind check - test/README: explain what's the intention with test/validation - validation: classification: un-checked return - validation: pktio: support arbitrary length packets - validation: pktio: fix memory corruption - validation: common: catch odp_term_local/global failures - validation: common: print odp_init failures to stderr - validation: schedule: exit schedule loop - validation: schedule: added queue destroy test * bugs: - linux-generic: pool: fix missing increment of blkallocs stat - example: odp_generator: use odp_timer - configure.ac: include configure.m4 if platform explicitly selected * general: - doxygen cleanups - scheduler: restructured queue and pktio integration - linux-generic: schedule: terminate - linux-generic: debug_internal: assert prints condition - linux-generic: pool: check for NULL params before dereference - linux-generic: pktio: fix SEGV after odp_pktio_inq_remdef() - linux-generic: system_info: use global data struct - linux-generic: use arch optimisations - examples: odp_ipsec: runtime select multiple vs single deq - examples: odp_ipsec: runtime select scheduled vs poll queues - examples: odp_ipsec: handle alloc_pkt_ctx failure - scripts: odp_check: remove astyle - linux-generic: odp_linux: migrate helpers to helper dir Signed-off-by: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>