AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-28linux-gen: drop performance.m4nextMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28example: generator: add signal handler for SIGINTMatias Elo
2018-11-28text: perf odp_sched_pktio: try to terminate on failureMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28linux-gen: ishm: add missing cast to calculate max_memoryMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28linux-gen: remove performance test for process modeMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28travis: check.sh request huge pages at early startMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23shippable: switch to using official Shippable imageDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-11-23configure: disable -march=native for clangMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23travis: define compiler for clang testMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23linux-gen: ishm: add config option for selecting huge page usage limitMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: timer: decrease inline timer polling interval under loadMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: timer: add config option for inline timer poll frequencyMatias Elo
2018-11-23travis: test inline timer implementationMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: timer: enable inline timer implementation using config fileMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: timer: zero timer pool memory on reserveMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: init: always initialize odp_global_ro.init_paramMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: build: enable CPU arch specific optimizationPetri Savolainen
2018-11-23linux-gen: arm atomic: fix register numbering with caspPetri Savolainen
2018-11-23linux-gen: sysinfo: print out ARM build time featuresPetri Savolainen
2018-11-23linux-gen: run without /proc mountedMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23linux-gen: ishm: use pre-reserved single va memoryMatias Elo
2018-11-23linux-gen: ishm: read single va size from configMatias Elo
2018-11-22validation: shmem: reduce the number of workers in single VA alloc testMatias Elo
2018-11-22validation: pool: add test for creating and using a pool after forkMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: move block memory mapping into _odp_ishm_address()Matias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: queue scalable: remove _ODP_ISHM_SINGLE_VA from pool createMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: remove unused internal functionsMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: remove unnecessary _odp_ishm_pool_lookup() functionMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: cls: simplify shm usagePetri Savolainen
2018-11-22linux-gen: shm: modify shm print header stringPetri Savolainen
2018-11-22example: sysinfo: print shm blocksPetri Savolainen
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: allocate small shm blocks using normal pagesMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: add internal _ODP_ISHM_USE_HP flagMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: remove unused odp_shm_internal headerMatias Elo
2018-11-22linux-gen: ishm: remove _ODP_SHM_NO_HP flagMatias Elo
2018-11-22test: queue_perf: fix lockfree support checkPetri Savolainen
2018-11-22linuxgen: add dumpconfig utilityMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-22validation: crypto: capability call should not failPetri Savolainen
2018-11-21linux-gen: shm: remove single_va configuration optionMatias Elo
2018-11-21validation: use use mem_model from helper optionsMatias Elo
2018-11-21example: use mem_model from helper optionsMatias Elo
2018-11-21test: performance: use mem_model from helper optionsMatias Elo
2018-11-21helper: test: add test for new odph_options() functionMatias Elo
2018-11-21helper: threads: add odph_options() getter functionMatias Elo
2018-11-21helper: threads: replace odph_linux_thread_type_t with odp_mem_model_tMatias Elo
2018-11-21validation: init: add test for odp_init_t.mem_modelMatias Elo
2018-11-21linux-gen: init: use new odp_init_t.mem_model parameterMatias Elo
2018-11-21api: init: add new mem_model member to odp_init_tMatias Elo
2018-11-19validation: scheduler use schedule_config instead of capabilitiesDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-11-19travis: install graphviz in doxygen testDmitry Eremin-Solenikov