AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
42 hourslinux-gen: config: maximum pool size 1MHEADmasterPetri Savolainen
42 hourslinux-gen: pool: add max num packets in config filePetri Savolainen
42 hourslinux-gen: pool: add packet param checksPetri Savolainen
42 hourslinux-gen: pool: output error on pool createPetri Savolainen
42 hourslinux-gen: config: move queue size config to scalablePetri Savolainen
42 hourslinux-gen: config: improve config file check error outputPetri Savolainen
43 hourslinux-gen: pool: increase minimum packet segment lengthMatias Elo
43 hoursexample: generator: remove print from packet tx loopMatias Elo
43 hoursexample: generator: use odp_wait_time_ns() instead of timersMatias Elo
44 hoursexample: stop and close pktio devices on exitMatias Elo
4 dayslinux-gen: ring: allocate global data from shmMatias Elo
4 dayslinux-gen: sched scalable: allocate global data from shmMatias Elo
4 dayslinux-gen: sched: remove unused schedule interface functionsPetri Savolainen
4 dayslinux-gen: remove iquery scheduler implementationPetri Savolainen
4 dayslinux-gen: sched: remove iquery from interfacePetri Savolainen
4 daysci: remove iquery testsPetri Savolainen
5 daysvalidation: cls: interleave tcp test flowsPetri Savolainen
5 dayslinux-gen: pktio: fix index calculation of multiple dest_queuePetri Savolainen
5 daysvalidation: pool: add max num pool testsPetri Savolainen
5 dayslinux-gen: pool: reduce max pool sizePetri Savolainen
5 dayslinux-gen: ring: add reader tail checkPetri Savolainen
5 dayslinux-gen: pool: ring size must be larger than num itemsPetri Savolainen
5 dayslinux-gen: sched: remove unnecessary queue null indexPetri Savolainen
5 daystest: sched_latency: honor pool capability limitsPetri Savolainen
5 daystest: scheduling: honor pool capabilityPetri Savolainen
5 daystest: scheduling: fix script to exit with failure statusPetri Savolainen
5 dayshelper: iplookup: check capabilitiesPetri Savolainen
9 dayslinux-gen: dpdk: improved zero-copy implementationMatias Elo
9 dayslinux-gen: dpdk: prefix visible internal parse functions with _odp_Matias Elo
9 dayslinux-gen: dpdk: fix running multiple odp instances simulaneuslyMatias Elo
9 daysvalidation: packet: add packet reset testPetri Savolainen
10 dayslinux-gen: ipsec: make IPv4 ID allocator scale better to multiple threadsJanne Peltonen
10 dayslinux-gen: ipsec: use global IPv4 ID allocator for all tunnel SAsJanne Peltonen
10 daysvalidation: ipsec: make output checking accept any IP ID valueJanne Peltonen
10 dayslinux-gen: ipsec: use sequence number counter for counter based IVJanne Peltonen
10 dayslinux-gen: ipsec: separate hot r/w data from r/o data in an SAJanne Peltonen
10 dayslinux-gen: ipsec: remove SA reference counting from outbound processingJanne Peltonen
10 dayslinux-gen: ipsec: speed up random IV generation by thread-local bufferingJanne Peltonen
11 dayslinux-gen: do not use huge pages for internal allocationsMaxim Uvarov
11 dayslinux-gen: shm: do not print map errorMaxim Uvarov
11 daystest: build: configure option to disable test buildPetri Savolainen
11 daysexample: build: configure option to disable example buildPetri Savolainen
11 daystest: sched_pktio: add pipeline queue size optionPetri Savolainen
11 daystest: sched_pktio: add scheduler sync mode optionPetri Savolainen
11 daystest: sched_pktio: add queue pipeline optionsPetri Savolainen
11 dayslinux-gen: queue: use queue size parameterPetri Savolainen
11 daysvalidation: sched: add queue size testPetri Savolainen
11 dayslinux-gen: pool: decrease minimum segment size to 2kPetri Savolainen
12 daystravis: export CI for first distcheckMaxim Uvarov
2018-10-04travis: add process mode testMatias Elo