BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
api-nextlinux-gen: miniz: disable unaligned loads/stores to fix compilation with clangDmitry Eremin-Solenikov4 weeks
caterpillarlinux-gen: fix typos in master mergeYi He12 months
devel/caterpillarlinux-dpdk: buffer: remove default q metadata from odp_buffer_hdr_tHonnappa Nagarahalli14 months
devel/master_cleanuplinux-gen: clean up ishm file namingMaxim Uvarov11 months
devel/master_iploopuphelper: iplookuptable fix puting values to tableMaxim Uvarov5 months
devel/native-driversphysmem: change API, alloc now does a mapping tooJosep Puigdemont13 months
masterlinux-gen: shm: replace ftruncate() with fallocate()Matias Elo46 hours
monarch_ltslinux-gen: netmap: remove minimum frame len checkJuha-Matti Tilli5 months
nextlinux-gen: drop performance.m4Maxim Uvarov3 months
tigermoth_ltslinux-gen: ipsec: reject SA creation with ESN flag setDmitry Eremin-Solenikov5 months
v1.21.0.0odp-  Maxim Uvarov3 weeks
v1.20.0.0odp-  Maxim Uvarov3 months
v1.19.0.2_tigermothodp-  Maxim Uvarov8 months
v1.19.0.2odp-  Maxim Uvarov8 months
v1.19.0.1_tigermothodp-  Maxim Uvarov9 months
v1.19.0.1odp-  Maxim Uvarov9 months
v1.19.0.0_tigermothodp-  Maxim Uvarov10 months
v1.19.0.0odp-  Maxim Uvarov10 months
v1.18.0.1_tigermoth_rc3odp-  Maxim Uvarov11 months
v1.18.0.0_tigermoth_rc3odp-  Maxim Uvarov11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-28linux-gen: drop performance.m4nextMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28example: generator: add signal handler for SIGINTMatias Elo
2018-11-28text: perf odp_sched_pktio: try to terminate on failureMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28linux-gen: ishm: add missing cast to calculate max_memoryMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28linux-gen: remove performance test for process modeMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-28travis: check.sh request huge pages at early startMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23shippable: switch to using official Shippable imageDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-11-23configure: disable -march=native for clangMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23travis: define compiler for clang testMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-23linux-gen: ishm: add config option for selecting huge page usage limitMatias Elo