BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dpdkdebian: update to release v1.12.0.0Anders Roxell21 months
masterrpm: update to release v1.12.0.0Anders Roxell22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-12-02rpm: update to release v1.12.0.0HEADmasterAnders Roxell
2016-12-02debian: update to release v1.12.0.0Anders Roxell
2016-11-24remove script and add a build READMEAnders Roxell
2016-09-27rpm: update descriptionAnders Roxell
2016-09-15rpm: use a fixed version and not git_hash.sh in AC_INITAnders Roxell
2016-09-15rpm: update to the latest odp releaseAnders Roxell
2016-09-15rpm: add pkgconfig to RequiresAnders Roxell
2016-09-15rpm: add openssl-(lib|devel) to RequiresAnders Roxell
2016-09-15rpm: add odp-linux-helper packageAnders Roxell
2016-09-15rpm: remove .la filesAnders Roxell