AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-02INSTALL.ODP: change how CFLAGS passed to Debian buildodp-v2Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-01Port 74ff3298 "userspace: Define and use struct eth_addr."Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-01netdev-odp: fix using uninitialized rss_hashIlya Maximets
2015-09-01dp-packet: assert when allocated space touched for ODP packetsZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01acinclude: link with new DPDK library nameZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01dpif-netdev: add odp_time_cycles() supportSantosh Shukla
2015-09-01netdev: fix compilation without ODPZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01netdev-odp: fix pmd_thread_setaffinity_cpu()Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-01dp-packet: simplify dp_packet_init_odp()Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-01netdev-odp: remove stats counting from hot pathZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01dp-packet: implement dp_packet_base()Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-01dp-packet: change to ovs_assert() in accessorsZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01INSTALL.ODP: warn about compiler optimization settingsZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01style: fixed indents and space at EOLIlya Maximets
2015-09-01netdev-odp: release unsent packetsIlya Maximets
2015-09-01netdev-odp: fix commentsIlya Maximets
2015-09-01Update to latest ODP API Kiss
2015-09-01INSTALL.ODP: don't block ovs-vsctlZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01netdev-odp: abort if odp fails to initializeCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01dpif-netdev: add support for graceful termination apiSantosh Shukla
2015-09-01netdev: affinity fix for ovs-odpMarko Kallio
2015-09-01netdev-odp: implemenet odp_override_logZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01vlog: add vlog_rate_limit_valistZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01ovs-numa: workaround missing numa support for pmd netdevsCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01netdev-odp: fix pmd threads reinitializingCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01netdev-odp: add get_numa_idCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01dp_packet: init the buffer source before any other operationsCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01INSTALL.ODP: Add info about Debian packagingZoltan Kiss
2015-09-01utilities: Add option to start with ODPCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01dpif-netdev: Add ODP netdevCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01Config options for building with ODPCiprian Barbu
2015-09-01dp_packet: Added DPBUF_ODP type.Ciprian Barbu
2015-08-31ovsdb: Remove misleading OVS_UNUSED from ovsdb_monitor_change_cb().Ben Pfaff
2015-08-31datapath-windows: Support for IRP cancelling mechanismSorin Vinturis
2015-08-31datapath-windows: Process tunnel filter requests iterativelySorin Vinturis
2015-08-31netdev-windows: Fix typo in call to memcpy().Nithin Raju
2015-08-31flow: Fix MSVC compile errors.Ben Pfaff
2015-08-31datapath: check for rx handler registerFlavio Leitner
2015-08-28tunnel: Support matching on the presence of Geneve options.Jesse Gross
2015-08-29bridge: Relax the whitelist format for punix path.Alex Wang
2015-08-29ofproto-dpif-upcall: Do not attribute stats when flow_del returns error.Alex Wang
2015-08-28datapath-windows: Fix broken build.Alin Serdean
2015-08-28userspace: Define and use struct eth_addr.Jarno Rajahalme
2015-08-28appveyor: Renew SSL link.Alin Serdean
2015-08-28rhel: Add variables for OVN and VTEP db locations.Russell Bryant
2015-08-28rhel: Add systemd suport for ovn-controller-vtep.Russell Bryant
2015-08-28rhel: Use same rundir for ovs and ovn.Russell Bryant
2015-08-28ofp-actions: Don't encode variable length fields using NXAST_REG_LOAD.Jesse Gross
2015-08-28datapath-windows: Suppress flow attribute probe.Alin Serdean
2015-08-28tests: Avoid nonportable "sed -i".Ben Pfaff