AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-14netdev-odp: fix using uninitialized rss_hashodp-v1Ilya Maximets
2015-08-05dp-packet: assert when allocated space touched for ODP packetsZoltan Kiss
2015-08-05acinclude: link with new DPDK library nameZoltan Kiss
2015-08-04dpif-netdev: add odp_time_cycles() supportSantosh Shukla
2015-08-04netdev: fix compilation without ODPZoltan Kiss
2015-08-04netdev-odp: fix pmd_thread_setaffinity_cpu()Zoltan Kiss
2015-08-04dp-packet: simplify dp_packet_init_odp()Zoltan Kiss
2015-07-31netdev-odp: remove stats counting from hot pathZoltan Kiss
2015-07-29dp-packet: implement dp_packet_base()Zoltan Kiss
2015-07-29dp-packet: change to ovs_assert() in accessorsZoltan Kiss
2015-07-29INSTALL.ODP: warn about compiler optimization settingsZoltan Kiss
2015-07-29style: fixed indents and space at EOLIlya Maximets
2015-07-29netdev-odp: release unsent packetsIlya Maximets
2015-07-28netdev-odp: fix commentsIlya Maximets
2015-07-28Update to latest ODP API Kiss
2015-07-14INSTALL.ODP: don't block ovs-vsctlZoltan Kiss
2015-07-13netdev-odp: abort if odp fails to initializeCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09dpif-netdev: add support for graceful termination apiSantosh Shukla
2015-07-09netdev: affinity fix for ovs-odpMarko Kallio
2015-07-09netdev-odp: implemenet odp_override_logZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09vlog: add vlog_rate_limit_valistZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09ovs-numa: workaround missing numa support for pmd netdevsCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09netdev-odp: fix pmd threads reinitializingCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09netdev-odp: add get_numa_idCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09dp_packet: init the buffer source before any other operationsCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09INSTALL.ODP: Add info about Debian packagingZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09utilities: Add option to start with ODPCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09dpif-netdev: Add ODP netdevCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09Config options for building with ODPCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09dp_packet: Added DPBUF_ODP type.Ciprian Barbu
2015-07-08hash: Add symmetric L3/L4 hash functions for multipath, bundle hashing.Jeroen van Bemmel
2015-07-08debian: wrap-and-sortJames Page
2015-07-08FAQ: Fix headline.Steffen Gebert
2015-07-06FAQ.md: Remove text saying that OpenFlow 1.5 is not final.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-06nroff: Fix style of names.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-06ofp-util: Log the type of an invalid message being added to a bundle.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-06ofp-util: Require inner and outer message in bundle add to be same version.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-06ofp-msgs: Add function ofptype_get_name().Ben Pfaff
2015-07-06classifier: Make versioning more explicit.Jarno Rajahalme
2015-07-06ofproto: Add struct ofproto_flow_mod.Jarno Rajahalme
2015-07-06odp-util: Share fields between odp and dpif_backer.Joe Stringer
2015-07-06datapath-windows: Solved BSOD when adding OVS portsSorin Vinturis
2015-07-06ovs-bugtool: Remove argument of "ovs-appctl dpif/show".Huanle Han
2015-07-06stream-ssl: Set SSL session cache mode to disables.Guru Chaitanya Perakam
2015-07-03ovn: Add ovn/lib/libovn.sym to .gitignore.Alex Wang
2015-07-03Implement OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPMP_TABLE_DESC message.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-03Implement OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPTC_EVICTION.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-03ofproto: Use OF1.4+ "importance" as part of eviction criteria.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-02ofp-util: Fix typo in comment.Ben Pfaff
2015-07-02ofproto: Make 'importance' immutable.Ben Pfaff