AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-09dpif-netdev: add support for graceful termination apiodp-v0-squashedSantosh Shukla
2015-07-09netdev: affinity fix for ovs-odpMarko Kallio
2015-07-09netdev-odp: implemenet odp_override_logZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09vlog: add vlog_rate_limit_valistZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09ovs-numa: workaround missing numa support for pmd netdevsCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09netdev-odp: fix pmd threads reinitializingCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09netdev-odp: add get_numa_idCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09ofpbuf: init the buffer source before any other operationsCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09INSTALL.ODP: Add info about Debian packagingZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09utilities: Add option to start with ODPCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09dpif-netdev: Add ODP netdevCiprian Barbu
2015-07-09Config options for building with ODPCiprian Barbu
2014-12-17ofpbuf: Added OFPBUF_ODP type.Ciprian Barbu
2014-12-16daemon-windows: Add a missing header.Gurucharan Shetty
2014-12-15dpctl: Add support for using UFID to add/del flows.Joe Stringer
2014-12-15ovs-docker: Add the ability to set VLANs.Gurucharan Shetty
2014-12-15ovs-docker: Ability to set the default gateway.Gurucharan Shetty
2014-12-15ovs-docker: Enhance documentation to handle pre-programmed interfaces.Gurucharan Shetty
2014-12-15lib: Add test for library usageThomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Move vconn.h to <openvswitch/vconn.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Move vlog.h to <openvswitch/vlog.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Expose struct ovs_list definition in <openvswitch/list.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-15list: Rename struct list to struct ovs_listThomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Expose SAT_MUT as OVS_SAT_MUL in <openvswitch/util.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Move token-bucket.h to <openvswitch/token-bucket.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Expose ovs_mutex and ovsthread_once in <openvswitch/thread.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Expose SOURCE_LOCATOR as OVS_SOURCE_LOACATORThomas Graf
2014-12-15lib: Move compiler.h to <openvswitch/compiler.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-13ovs-command-completion: Fix unwanted whitespace.Alex Wang
2014-12-12recirculation: Do not drop packet when there is no match fromAlex Wang
2014-12-12ovs-router: Add "ovs/route/lookup" commandYAMAMOTO Takashi
2014-12-11debian: Use ifquery for finding the interfaces in init script.Jan Vansteenkiste
2014-12-11ofproto: add support of OFPR_GROUP as packet-in reason for OF1.4+Shu Shen
2014-12-11vtep: Add codeblocks for example commands in README.ovs-vtep.md.Robert Åkerblom-Andersson
2014-12-11datapath-windows: return bool from NlFillOvs[Msg/Hdr]Nithin Raju
2014-12-11datapath-windows: refactor BuildReplyMsgFromMsgIn & BuildErrorMsgNithin Raju
2014-12-12dpif: Use DPIF_FP_MODIFY for feature probes.Joe Stringer
2014-12-12dpif: Refactor datapath feature detection.Joe Stringer
2014-12-12dpif: Don't initialize output UFID in dpif_flow_get().Joe Stringer
2014-12-10route-table-bsd: Add some DBG logsYAMAMOTO Takashi
2014-12-10route-table-bsd: Provide gateway infoYAMAMOTO Takashi
2014-12-10ovs-router: non-Linux supportYAMAMOTO Takashi
2014-12-10route-table-bsd: Stop caching pidYAMAMOTO Takashi
2014-12-09datapath: Account for already defined NETIF_F_GSO_ENCAP_ALLThomas Graf
2014-12-09datapath: Mark compatible with kernels up to 3.18.xThomas Graf
2014-12-09datapath: Check if nla_is_last() is available in <net/netlink.h>Thomas Graf
2014-12-09ovs-tcpundump: Fix typo in version message.Eohyung Lee
2014-12-08include/openvswitch/util: Add extern "C" { ... }.Ben Pfaff
2014-12-08revalidator: Fix access of uninitialized memory.Joe Stringer
2014-12-08tests/classifier: Make test work in big-endian systems.Jarno Rajahalme