AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-09ovs-ctl: fix missing "test"odp-v0Zoltan Kiss
2015-07-09INSTALL.ODP: explain the nostrip option in the build howtoZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09INSTALL.ODP: fix environment variablesZoltan Kiss
2015-07-09INSTALL.ODP: fix typos in example commandsZoltan Kiss
2015-07-02ovs-ctl: fix module loadingZoltan Kiss
2015-07-02odp: configure ODP through ovsdb instead of command lineZoltan Kiss
2015-06-11netdev-odp: move the struct dpif_packet to the user metadata areaZoltan Kiss
2015-06-02netdev-odp: remove redundant goto label in rcv handlerSantosh Shukla
2015-06-02netdev-odp: enable ODP logger in OVSSantosh Shukla
2015-06-02dpif-netdev: add support for graceful termination apiSantosh Shukla
2015-06-02netdev: affinity fix for ovs-odpMarko Kallio
2015-06-02ovs-ctl.in: fix test of USE_ODP=yesCiprian Barbu
2015-05-18netdev-odp: don't check for parsing errors during receiveZoltan Kiss
2015-04-29acinclude: reworked ODP link testCiprian Barbu
2015-04-29acinclude: ODPH_INCLUDE no longer neededCiprian Barbu
2015-04-24ofpbuf: return the right pointer of ofpbuf_dataZoltan Kiss
2015-04-24netdev-odp: fix buffer pool creationZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: remove unnecessary counterZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: rename odp_packet_* functionsZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: rename odp_pool_param_t membersZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: rename buffer_pool to poolZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: fix header file namesZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: implemenet odp_override_logZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: add error checking to clone_pktsZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: allocate packet metadata in the same buffer as the packet itselfZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: Increase packet pool sizeZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31netdev-odp: refactor error handling in netdev_odp_rxq_recvZoltan Kiss
2015-03-31vlog: add vlog_rate_limit_valistZoltan Kiss
2015-02-03utilities: remove dependency on kernel module for ODP netdevCiprian Barbu
2015-02-03ovs-numa: workaround missing numa support for pmd netdevsCiprian Barbu
2015-02-03netdev-odp: fix pmd threads reinitializingCiprian Barbu
2015-02-03netdev-odp: add get_numa_idCiprian Barbu
2015-02-03ofpbuf: init the buffer source before any other operationsCiprian Barbu
2015-01-08OVS-ODP: ODP v0.6.0 supportZoltan Kiss
2015-01-08netdev-odp: more clear instructions to build ODPCiprian Barbu
2014-12-18configure: set debug option when no install directory specifiedZoltan Kiss
2014-12-18dpdk: Fix ODP compile with DPDKZoltan Kiss
2014-12-18INSTALL.ODP: Reformat the requirements for cross-compile and mention DEB_HOST...Zoltan Kiss
2014-12-18INSTALL.ODP: Add info about Debian packagingZoltan Kiss
2014-12-18netdev-odp: Use VLOG_ERR instead of ODP_ERRZoltan Kiss
2014-12-18netdev, ofpbuf: Adjust OVS implementation to the latest ODPZoltan Kiss
2014-12-18Config option to enable ODP debugZoltan Kiss
2014-12-17Allow custom SSL library for ODP link testZoltan Kiss
2014-12-17Fix ODP linking test codeZoltan Kiss
2014-12-17utilities: Add option to start with ODPCiprian Barbu
2014-12-17dpif-netdev: Add ODP netdevCiprian Barbu
2014-12-17Config options for building with ODPCiprian Barbu
2014-12-17ofpbuf: Added OFPBUF_ODP type.Ciprian Barbu
2014-12-16daemon-windows: Add a missing header.Gurucharan Shetty
2014-12-15dpctl: Add support for using UFID to add/del flows.Joe Stringer