AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-27datapath-windows: STT - Enable support for TCP Segmentation offloadsmasterSairam Venugopal
2015-10-27datapath-windows: STT - Add support for TCP Segmentation OffloadSairam Venugopal
2015-10-27datapath-windows: Move OvsAllocateNBLFromBuffer to BufferMgmtSairam Venugopal
2015-10-27Revert "datapath-windows: Support attribute OVS_KEY_ATTR_TCP_FLAGS"Alin Serdean
2015-10-23tests: Enable debugging in pyftpdlib.Jarno Rajahalme
2015-10-23odp-util: Fix CT action formating.Jarno Rajahalme
2015-10-23datapath-windows: Support attribute OVS_KEY_ATTR_TCP_FLAGSAlin Gabriel Serdean
2015-10-22bfd: always export remote_state and remote_diagnostic to OVSDBAndy Zhou
2015-10-22ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix small typo.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22ovn-nbctl: Fix memory leak in option processing.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22test-ovn: Fix memory leak in option processing.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22ovsdb: Fix outdated comment for function description.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22ovsdb: Destroy allocated hmap.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22ovsdb-server: Destroy allocated shash.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22tnl-ports: Free "ip_dev" on error.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22vtep-ctl: Exit if database connection fails.Daniele Di Proietto
2015-10-22ovn-northd: Fix memory leak in ARP reply flows.Justin Pettit
2015-10-22netdev-dpdk: Clean-up after vHost User port deleteCiara Loftus
2015-10-22netdev-dpdk: Fix comment about vhost cuse/user vswitchd argumentsCiara Loftus
2015-10-21ovn-northd: Fix memory leak in logical router flow generation.Justin Pettit
2015-10-21datapath-windows: fix NULL check in OvsGetExtInfoIoctl()Nithin Raju
2015-10-19ovn: Reduce range of ACL priorities.Justin Pettit
2015-10-19ovs-ofctl: Fix OpenFlow versions with '--bundle'Jarno Rajahalme
2015-10-19ovs-ofctl: Fix replace-flows.Jarno Rajahalme
2015-10-19ovn: Support multiple router ports per logical switch.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-19ovn: Add test for logical router ARP replies.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-19physical: Fix implementation of logical patch ports.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-19ovn: Implement the ability to send a packet back out its input port.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-19logical-fields: New header for logical field assignments.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-17packets: Make ip_parse_masked() pickier about formatting.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn: Implement basic logical L3 routing.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-northd: Add stages for logical routers.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16packets: New function ip_parse_masked().Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-nb: Add "enabled" column to Logical_Router_Port.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-nb: Change how router ports work.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-nb.xml: Reorganize documentation for Logical_Port table.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-nb: Add support for IP+MAC binding pairs in Port_Binding 'address'.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-nb: Rename Port_Bindings 'macs' column to 'addresses'.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-nb: Extend schema to support networks of routers.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn: Add new predicates for matching broadcast and multicast packets.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn: Implement logical patch ports.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-controller: Rename "ovn-patch-port" to "ovn-localnet-port".Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16patch: Allow client to determine port names.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16patch: Refactor to better support new kinds of patches.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16patch: Bail out earlier if OVS IDL transactions cannot be executed.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-controller: Factor patch port management into new "patch" module.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn: Update TODO, ovn-northd flow table design, ovn-architecture for L3.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ovn-sb: Document "ip.ttl--;" action.Ben Pfaff
2015-10-16ofp-actions: Fix build on earlier GCC.Joe Stringer
2015-10-16atlocal.in: Hide a harmless error on Windows.Gurucharan Shetty