AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-28acinclude: repurpose --with-odp-platform to find the libraryHEADodp-v3Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-28acinclude: remove duplicate check for libraryZoltan Kiss
2016-06-29acinlcude: remove DPDK specific configure partsZoltan Kiss
2016-06-29netdev-odp: use odp_packet_copy_from_mem()Zoltan Kiss
2016-06-07netdev-odp: use new init APIZoltan Kiss
2016-04-14netdev-odp: handle MAC address get and setZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: prefetch packet header immediatelyODP_1.8Zoltan Kiss
2016-04-05dpif-netdev: move header prefetch earlier into the receive functionZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: remove use of odp_pktio_inq_getdef()Zoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: implement statistics readingZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05dp-packet: compact struct dp_packetZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: configure single queue and enable hashZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: fix log level typeZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: use direct mode for pktioZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05netdev-odp: fix platform init typeZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05acinclude: fix build for OVS-DPDKZoltan Kiss
2016-04-05acinclude: fix configure outputZoltan Kiss
2015-12-21dpif-netdev: update to ODP API 1.5Zoltan Kiss
2015-11-27odp: pass platform params through odp_global_init()Zoltan Kiss
2015-11-27netdev-odp: refactor error handling in netdev_odp_construct and fix memory leakZoltan Kiss
2015-11-27netdev-odp: use MTU for max_frame_lenZoltan Kiss
2015-11-26revalidator: fix segfault with other_config:odp=falseIlya Maximets
2015-11-25netdev-odp: dp-packet: tunneling optimizationIlya Maximets
2015-11-25netdev-odp: dp-packet: implement dp_packet_set_{data,size}()Ilya Maximets
2015-11-19netdev-odp: print out the platform's errno after receive errorZoltan Kiss
2015-11-19netdev-odp: use pktio start and stop functionsZoltan Kiss
2015-11-19netdev-odp: change from global pool to per-pktio poolCiprian Barbu
2015-11-18netdev-odp: clone_pkts: remove redundant codeIlya Maximets
2015-11-17acinclude: change linux-dpdk platform configurationZoltan Kiss
2015-11-17acinclude: don't reset LIBS and fix LDFLAGSZoltan Kiss
2015-11-17INSTALL.ODP: update configure manualZoltan Kiss
2015-11-16revalidator: call odp_{init, term}_local() for threadsIlya Maximets
2015-11-04dp-packet: implement flow hash access for ODPZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28netdev-odp: prefetch user areaZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28dpif-netdev: call odp_term_local before pmd thread terminationIlya Maximets
2015-10-28dp-packet: fix wrong initialization sequenceNikita Kalyazin
2015-10-28netdev-odp: refactor returned valuesZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28netdev-odp: update to ODP API 1.3Zoltan Kiss
2015-10-28INSTALL.ODP: change how CFLAGS passed to Debian buildZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28Port 74ff3298 "userspace: Define and use struct eth_addr."Zoltan Kiss
2015-10-28netdev-odp: fix using uninitialized rss_hashIlya Maximets
2015-10-28dp-packet: assert when allocated space touched for ODP packetsZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28acinclude: link with new DPDK library nameZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28dpif-netdev: add odp_time_cycles() supportSantosh Shukla
2015-10-28netdev: fix compilation without ODPZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28netdev-odp: fix pmd_thread_setaffinity_cpu()Zoltan Kiss
2015-10-28dp-packet: simplify dp_packet_init_odp()Zoltan Kiss
2015-10-28netdev-odp: remove stats counting from hot pathZoltan Kiss
2015-10-28dp-packet: implement dp_packet_base()Zoltan Kiss
2015-10-28dp-packet: change to ovs_assert() in accessorsZoltan Kiss