tag namev1.7.0.0 (f065132b74dfa91654a4634931a2685ad960b29a)
tag date2016-02-08 22:15:57 +0300
tagged byMaxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit bbd5ac81d9...
* API:
- api: atomic: add non-relaxed 64bit operations - api: atomic: added 32 bit acquire and release - api: atomic: added 32bit cas_rel and cas_acq_rel - api: atomic: added atomic min and max - api: atomic: added atomic_lock_free_u64 - api: atomic: added cas operations - api: atomic: added relaxed exchange operation - api: atomic: init functions are not atomic - api: atomic: rename release ordering - api: classifier: align enum type naming - api: cpu: add new API to get CPU max frequency - api: cpu: add new API to get per-CPU current frequency - api: cpu: add new API to get per-CPU max frequency - api: cpu: add new API to get per-CPU model string - api: cpu: added pause call - api: cpu: make frequency API return 0 on failure - api: cpumask: add new API odp_cpumask_all_available() - api: cpumask: documented string format - api: define pktio statistics api - api: endian: rename endian types with odp_ prefix - api: errno: any odp function can set errno - api: init: align enum type naming - api: init: removed platform_init struct definition - api: pktio: added direct queue receive - api: pktio: added direct send to pktio output queue - api: pktio: added link status - api: pktio: added multiple pktio input queues - api: pktio: added multiple pktio output queues - api: pktio: added pktio capability struct - api: pktio: refine multiqueue API spec - api: pktio: remove unused ODP_PKTIO_ANY - api: pktio: rename pktio modes - api: pool: allow per-thread caching - api: queue: define queue type as enum - api: queue: moved queue type into queue parameters - api: queue: rename QUEUE_TYPE_POLL to _PLAIN - api: sched: rename SCHED_SYNC_NONE to _PARALLEL - api: schedule: clarify scheduler API documentation - api: stdlib: added odp_memcmp - api: sysinfo: move CPU Hz API to cpu.h - api: sysinfo: move CPU model API to cpu.h - api: thrmask: documented string format - api: pktio: rename single_user param - api: pktio: renames for compact type and func names - api: queue: add enq and deq mode params * ODP docs: - doc/users-guide: add time API section - doc/users-guide: add cryptographic services section - doc: userguide: add application programming section - doc: process-guide: add release process - doc: images: replace overview with editable svg src - doc: guides: embed icons and images in html - doc: re-organize doxygen doc for synchronizer * Validation - test/performance: pktio: perform an initial warmup run - test: change l2fwd pool size - test: l2fwd: added poll queue mode - test: l2fwd: re-organize functions - test: l2fwd: use multi-queue API for scheduled queues - test: l2fwd: use multi-queue pktio in direct mode - test: l2fwd: use multiple queues in sched mode - test: perf: l2fwd detect missing odp_generator - test: update CPU Hz calling functions - tests: harmonize posix extensions level defines - validation: atomic: added cas test - validation: atomic: added lock free op test - validation: atomic: added max and min tests - validation: atomic: added non-relaxed test - validation: atomic: added xchg test - validation: classification: add additional PMR term - validation: classification: adds Test case for ODP_PMR_DIP_ADDR - validation: classification: remove double frees - validation: cls: adopt for supported l3 PMR - validation: cls: assign default CoS before creating chain - validation: cls: use correct MAC addresses - validation: define ODP_TEST_INACTIVE and ODP_TEST_ACTIVE - validation: implement pktio statistics counters - validation: pktio: don't continue if packet with > MTU is sent - validation: pktio: fix check of pktio_stop() called twice - validation: pktio: fix typo on setting in_mode - validation: pktio: reduce stdout noise - validation: pktio: test batch receive - validation: pktio: use odp_time_ns() instead own function - validation: pktio check for number of interfaces - validation: pktio: add test for odp_pktio_recv_queue() and odp_pktio_send_queue() - validation: pktio: add test for odp_pktout_queue_config() - validation: pktio: add test for odp_pktin_queue_config() - validation: possibility to inactive preconded test - validation: queue: add test for odp_queue_to_u64() - validation: remove remaining references synchronizers - validation: removing synchronizers tests - validation: scheduler: add timing tests for scheduled queue types - validation: shmem: sync threads with barrier - validation: stdlib: add odp_memcmp test - validation: synchro tests split into 3 groups - validation: system: add validation for new CPU APIs - validation: system: add validation tests for odp_cpu_cycles_ calls - validation: system: fix return code for checks - validation: system: make odp_cpu_hz optional in validation test - validation: system: make odp_cpu_hz_id conditional - validation: test odp_pktio_link_status() - validation: time: increase limit to check to 2 res - validation: time: round up resolution - validation: time: store local and global resolution - validation: timer: fix delay after loop - validation: timer: handle early exhaustion of pool * General: - linux-generic: add packet_io_stats.h to Makefile.am - linux-generic: arch: renamed cpu arch files - linux-generic: atomic: 32bit cas_rel and cas_acq_rel - linux-generic: atomic: implemented exchange - linux-generic: atomic: non-relaxed 64bit operations - linux-generic: barrier: use API memory barrier - linux-generic: classification: implement verify_pmr_dmac - linux-generic: cpu: implemented pause - linux-generic: define posix extension level once - linux-generic: init: handle local/global init/term cleanly - linux-generic: locks: replace internal atomics - linux-generic: netmap: add functions for fetching pktio queues - linux-generic: netmap: add initial multi queue support - linux-generic: netmap: add netmap_close_descriptors() function - linux-generic: netmap: add netmap_link_status() function - linux-generic: netmap: add odp_pktio_capability() - linux-generic: netmap: add odp_pktio_link_status() - linux-generic: netmap: add odp_pktio_start() - linux-generic: netmap: add scheduler multi-queue support - linux-generic: netmap: add start()/stop() functionality - linux-generic: netmap: disable debug prints - linux-generic: netmap: fix MTU size - linux-generic: netmap: fix netmap_mtu_get() - linux-generic: netmap: implement pktio statistics - linux-generic: netmap: map rings in netmap_start - linux-generic: netmap: odp_pktio_recv() from all pktin queues - linux-generic: netmap: use select() instead of poll() in recv - linux-generic: packet: hide frame_len behind accessor - linux-generic: packet_io: expose pktio_tbl and is_free() - linux-generic: packet_io: fix array indexing in pktin_deq_multi() - linux-generic: packet_io: separate locks for RX/TX - linux-generic: pcap: implement pktio statistics counters - linux-generic: pktio loop: implement statistics counters - linux-generic: pktio: add RSS helper functions - linux-generic: pktio: added poll type input queue - linux-generic: pktio: added scheduler multi-queue support - linux-generic: pktio: dummy multi-queue pktio - linux-generic: pktio: enable using PKTIO_MAX_QUEUES in pktio implementations - linux-generic: pktio: implement odp_pktio_link_status() - linux-generic: pktio: print out the name of pktio used - linux-generic: pktio: re-organize queue config code - linux-generic: pktio: remove unwanted initialisation - linux-generic: pktio: use multiqueue recv internally - linux-generic: pool: accelerate buffer allocation marking - linux-generic: pool: catch duplicate free errors in debug builds - linux-generic: queue: check invalid handle in odp_queue_destroy - linux-generic: remove direct include of endian.h from byteorder.h - linux-generic: remove direct include of stdint.h by atomic.h - linux-generic: remove direct include of stdlib.h by timer.h - linux-generic: removed spin_internal - linux-generic: scheduler: improve pktio polling - linux-generic: sockets: implement pktio statistics - linux-generic: sysinfo: apply per-CPU implementation to MIPS - linux-generic: sysinfo: apply per-CPU implementation to PowerPC - linux-generic: sysinfo: make the cpu_hz per-CPU data - linux-generic: sysinfo: make the model_str per-CPU data - linux-generic: sysinfo: move ARM system info codes to default arch file - linux-generic: sysinfo: move MIPS system info codes to its plarform file - linux-generic: sysinfo: move PowerPC system info codes to its plarform file - linux-generic: sysinfo: move cpu_arch_str to odp_system_info_t - linux-generic: sysinfo: move x86 system info codes to its plarform file - linux-generic: sysinfo: rename odp_cpu_hz_current with odp_ prefix - linux-generic: sysinfo: rename variable cpu_hz to cpu_hz_max - linux-generic: sysinfo: revise odp_cpu_hz() to return current frequency - linux-generic: sysinfo: set values for cpu_arch_str - linux-generic: sysinfo: update dummy function to pass validation - linux-generic: sysinfo: use uniform call odp_sysinfo_parser - linux-generic: timer use SIGEV_THREAD_ID - linux-generic: timer: limit notification about resolution incorrectness - linux-generic: timer use SIGEV_THREAD_ID - linux-generic: update CPU Hz calling functions Signed-off-by: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>