tag namev1.4.0.0 (101fb4fb908a0d00dbd14e090fce76ce132a4c29)
tag date2015-10-30 17:09:09 +0300
tagged byMaxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit ed0930e5cb...
* API:
- ** Classification ** - odp_cos_set_queue() renamed to odp_cos_queue_set() - int odp_cos_set_drop renamed to odp_cos_drop_set() - new: odp_queue_t odp_cos_queue(odp_cos_t cos_id) - new: odp_drop_e odp_cos_drop(odp_cos_t cos_id) - ODP_PMR_CUSTOM_FRAME support in classification - odp_pmr_create() arguments passing change to use struct - odp_pmr_match_set_create() added id argument - ** Config ** - new: odp_config_...() API introduced instead of ODP_CONFIG_ defines - ** Cpu, Threads and Scheduler ** - new: uint64_t odp_cpu_cycles(void) - new: uint64_t odp_cpu_cycles_diff(uint64_t c1, uint64_t c2); - new: uint64_t odp_cpu_cycles_max(void); - new: uint64_t odp_cpu_cycles_resolution(void); - odp_cpumask_def_worker() renamed to odp_cpumask_default_worker() - odp_cpumask_def_control() renamed to odp_cpumask_default_control() - odp init extended with num worker and control threads - new: int odp_queue_lock_count(odp_queue_t queue); - refine api doc for scheduler and schedule orderd locks - argument of odp_schedule_order_lock() and odp_schedule_order_unlock changed to unsigned - new: int odp_thread_count_max(void) - ** Packet ** - new: uint32_t odp_packet_flow_hash(odp_packet_t pkt) - new: void odp_packet_flow_hash_set(odp_packet_t pkt, uint32_t flow_hash) - new: int odp_packet_has_flow_hash(odp_packet_t pkt); - new: void odp_packet_has_flow_hash_clr(odp_packet_t pkt); - ** Pktio ** - pktio can be configuread as receive or transmit only - pktio: refined api doc for start() and stop() - new: void odp_pktio_param_init(odp_pktio_param_t *param) * ODP docs: - implementers-guide: update names of test module libraries - implementers-guide: update section on skipping tests * Test framework - update README files - renaming module libs - add odp_cunit_update() to modify registered tests - add ability to mark tests inactive * Validation - ** Classification ** - Add fix for classification tests - remove redundant pool lookup function - remove redundant sequence number check - use tcp data offset field to calculate data offset - move destroy_inq() to common file - add odp_pktio_param_init() API - added additional suite to test individual PMRs - use a structure instead of many args for odp_pmr_create - Add init calls for queue parameters - syntax correction for CU_ASSERT - Add init calls for pool parameters - queue and drop policy API name change - Queue parameter init calls - ** Cpu, Threads and Scheduler ** - rename odp_cpumask_def to _default - schedule: revise definition of ordered locks - schedule: remove odp_schedule_order_lock_init() API - schedule: don't check schedule time on 0 - synchronizers: support a single worker - init: fix test when debug-print is disabled - ** Packet ** - packet: test flow hash - packet: test now handles pool that do not support segmentation - ** Pktio ** - pktio: don't call APIs with an invalid pktio handle - ** Config ** - config: removed ODP_CONFIG_MAX_THREADS - config: add CUnit tests for config APIs * Performance - l2fwd: add missing braces - l2fwd: add option to disable filling eth addresses - l2fwd: add support for using odd number of ports - l2fwd: fix crash when accuracy is set to 0 - l2fwd: add option to select scheduler queue type - l2fwd: add option to change destination eth addresses - l2fwd: obey -t in queue mode - l2fwd: fill correct source ethernet address - sched: update scheduling test to use cycle counts - odp_pktio_perf: fix potential overflow for burst_gap - odp_pktio_perf: fix potential overflow for send_duration * general: - classification: implement ODP_PMR_CUSTOM_FRAME matching - classification: queue and drop policy API name change - cpu: created arch dependent cpu_cycles files - cpu: fix cycle lost while cycle counter overflow - cpu: implementation for cycle count API - cpu: rename time_cycles to cpu_cycles - pktio: implemented pcap pktio - pktio: implemented netmap pktio - pktio: close all pktio when term is called - pktio: enable classifier only when needed - pktio: factor state management into packet_io - pktio: fill in L2 parse results by default - pktio: implement odp_pktio_param_init() API - packet: implement flow hash support - schedule: fix odp_schdule_wait_time - queue: change lock_index from uint32_t to unsigned to match API - queue: direct internal enqueues to target queue - queue: fix pktout_enqueue() logic - queue: remove obsolete prototypes - use cycles_diff for time API also ite a tag message nes starting with '#' will be ignored.