tag namev1.3.0.0 (2773514bbe42d931a1db99da586a79a759bc43f3)
tag date2015-09-04 16:35:44 +0300
tagged byMaxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 3afd410eaa...
* API:
- codespell: correct spelling - event: change to odp_event_type_t - init: use const pointer types - packet_io: added odp_pktio_param_t - packet_io: added start and stop - packet_io: change word instance to interface - pktio: added output mode - pktio: rename pktio_input_mode enum - pool: add odp_pool_param_init prototype - pool: standardize description for odp_pool_param_init routine - queue: add odp_queue_param_init prototype - queue: clarify odp_queue_context_set() documentation - queue: rename queue context get/set for consistency - sched: added ordered context lock - sched: added release ordered - sched: added schedule group create and destroy - sched: added schedule prefetch - sched: added worker group - sched: add additional scheduler group APIs - sched: clarified synchronization context - sched: clarify usage of PRIO_DEFAULT - sched: moved scheduler types into new file - sched: removed GROUP_DEFAULT - sched: removed SYNC_DEFAULT - sched: rename order lock APIs and typedef - sched: schedule param - sched: config: add configuration for scheduler groups - schedule: fix comment typo - spelling fixes - style: init api: documentation clean up * ODP docs: - doc: implementers-guide: add validation description - doc: publish contributing text * ODP helper: - fix installation path for includes - linux: catch possible undefined - test: chksum: catch errors in scan_ip * test: * validation: - add test on unused retvals - use _CU_TEST_INFO() macro - system: fix uninitialised variable - schedule: add param init calls - schedule: test scheduler groups - test odp_pktio_start and odp_pktio_stop - fix build from tar source - kill odp_generator - removing current dir from -I * performance: - Makefile: add scripts to EXTRA_DIST - l2fwd: fix race condition between thread init and stat counter - l2fwd: capture test fails - odp_pktio_perf: use real MAC addresses while packet creation - odp_scheduling: remove redundant var inits - use odp_pool_param_init routine - use odp_queue_param_init routine * general: - Makefile.am: fix basename conflicts - Makefile: add all arch to the tarball - fix logic for calling pktio init and term functions - install missing headers - move default cpumask functions to separate file - move openssl checks inside linux-generic - move pthread checks inside linux-generic - add pktio_start and pktio_stop - pktio: add global init and term function for pktios - pktio: always test loop interface - pktio: handle segmented packet in socket mode - pktio: remove basic socket implementation - pktio: store errno correctly in setup - pool: add odp_pool_type_t enum - pool: implement odp_pool_param_init - queue: implement odp_queue_param_init routine - queue: implement ordered queues - remove linux-generic makefile generation from common configure.ac - schedule pktin_poll: account pktio stop state - schedule: implement scheduler groups - schedule: implement odp_schedule_prefetch() - schedule: implement ordered locks - Makefile.am: fix aclocal warning when building from tarball - m4: pthread: fix warning with Wextra - scripts/git_hash: change repo to CUSTOM_STR - scripts/git_hash: fix build from tar source - scripts: Makefile: add odp_version.sh to the tarball Signed-off-by: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>