tag namev1.2.0.0 (85a3719713a975bbb466bf961484cf839dc347f2)
tag date2015-07-24 19:30:26 +0300
tagged byMaxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 1d44b3c708...
* API:
- docs: doxygen grouping clean up and remove excess references to ODP - pool: remove shm parameter from odp_pool_create() - packet_io: clarify what happens when not all packets are sent - cpumask: added default masks and cpumask_setall - thrmask: added thread mask - thread: added thread type * ODP helper: - helper: convert to a library - remove helper dependence on ODP internals - helper: linux: check pthread_join return code - test checksum - helpers: fix udp checksum computation - test: helper: add process and thread tests - deleted odph_linux_cpumask_default * test: * validation: - tests execution moved to platfrom side - test: pktio_perf: add missing atomic init - test: synchronizers: use thread_id instead of cpu_id to detect slow threa - validation: pktio: do not dequeue from scheduled queue - test: pktio_perf: fix pthread_t offset for tx threads - packet_io: release unsent packets after odp_pktio_send() - validation: new module errno - test: pktio_perf: add missing ns to cycle conversion for busy loop - validation: classification: fix ODP_PMR_IPPROTO capability check - validation: scheduler: fix race condition in pause test - test: do not use negative array index - thread and cpumask validation suites - example:ipsec: Fix for Polled queues - scheduler: use number of workers - example: classifier: fix string overflow * general: - linux-generic: put pktio types to separate files with common interface. - configure: use stricter warnings - linux-generic: timer: use timer handles as buffer handles - linux-generic: buffer: remove unneeded division/module when mapping within the first segment - linux-generic: pool: use ODP_CONFIG_PACKET_SEG_LEN_MIN correctly - queue: handle return value of odp_queue_enq() - linux-generic: classification: add support for ODP_PMR_IPSEC_SPI - add {EXEEXT} suffix to binaries - event: implement odp_event_free() - packet_socket: do not release packets in odp_pktio_send - linux-generic: packet: fix byte order in IPv6 header parsing - linux-generic: schedule: fix double free - linux-generic: buffers: correct segment length calculation for packets - linux-generic: timer: set timer queue to ODP_QUEUE_INVALID on init - linux-generic: buffer: reduce field size and reorder for better packing - linux-generic: crypto: eliminate buffer type hack for completions - linux-generic: pool: remove double init - linux-generic: pool: group and document pool statistics - platform: Makefile.inc: use `` instead of != for compatibility with older versions of Make - linux-generic: packet: Add lazy parsing support - linux-generic: buffer: init all the odp_buffer_bits_t struct to avoid valgrind warnings Signed-off-by: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>