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== OpenDataPlane (
=== New Features ==== General * Move to capabilite structures: The classification, crypto, pktio, pool, queue, shared memory, and traffic manager areas all add new APIs to query implementation-specific capability limits for enhanced program portability. ==== Classification * Addtion of a structure that defines system level classification capability * Addition of range PMRs to complement the existing value PMRs to permit application to specifiy classification rules over a range of values. ==== Cryptography * Provides a way to get the available cipher and authentication algorithms. ==== Debug * Adds the ODP_STATIC_ASSERT() API to permit compile-time assertions. ==== Packet * Rename and add new packet copy and move functionality. * Add packet prefetch API for performance optimization. * New APIs to permit packet headroom and tailroom to be extended to additional segments or truncated as needed. * Align an area of packet data (e.g. IP/UDP headers) so that it is contiguous in memory and starts in a specified minimum alignment. * Add packet time stamp metadata support. * Add packet input index metadata support to allow application context to be anchored from the associated interface that received the packet. * Deprecation and removal of segment-level buffer APIs that are now superseded by additional packet-level manipulation APIs discussed above. ==== Packet io * Replaced config definition for maximum pktio entries with maximum packet IO index call * Added the classify_enable bit to the odp_pktin_queue_param_t that allows applications to explicity control which pktin queues are subject to full classifier support. * Addition of pktin configuration options to control packet timestamping and checksum validation processing. * Addition of pktout configuration options to control packet checksum offload processing. * Add the ability to query (via capabilties) whether a pktio interface supports operating in loopback mode and if so to enable/disable this mode of operation. * Round out the polling APIs be adding the ability to receive packets in poll mode from one or more pktin queues with timeout. * Add the ability to set the pktio interface index for ease of setting up application context areas associated with each pktio. * Add the ability to inqure the timestamp resolution associated with pktio interfaces that support packet timestamping. ==== Queue * Add a queue capability API to query system-wide queue capabilities and limits. * Extend queue context with an explicit data length parameter that serves as a performance hint for the amount of context to prefetch when the scheduler selects an event from a scheduled queue. ==== Scheduler * Add the ability to query information about a defined scheduler group ==== Shared Memory * Add a capability inquiry API to obtain implementation shared memory limits. ==== Traffic Manager * Add a capability inquiry API to obtain implementation traffic mngr limits. * Split TOS marking into two separate calls. * Add new APIs to support VLAN, ECN, and drop precedence marking. * Add destroy APIs for shapers, scheduler profiles, threshholds, WRED profiles, TM queues, and TM nodes for symmetry and completeness to allow applictions to terminate gracefully without resource leakage. * Add the ability to disconnect TM queues from their fanouts. * Add TM node contexts to permit applications to anchor user context areas to TM nodes. * Add the ability to query info about TM node fanins and TM queues. * Deprecate and remove the odp_tm_periodic_update() API ==== Utilities/Helpers * More complete and correct checksum implementation === Known Issues