tag namev1.0.0 (77cc438410cc6e30a95774085697b59a4f5b1ce6)
tag date2015-02-27 20:44:21 +0300
tagged byMaxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 49bc9ee8fd...
* API:
- crypto, cpumask, packet_io, random: replace ssize_t with int32_t - crypto: add session destroy function - crypto: add error code for invalid IV - classification: Add documentation for missing macros - hints: add printf format attribute - errno: add api to public api - init: add missing documentation - packet_io: remove specific errno value * test: * validation: - Makefile.am: restructure - pktio: free unexpected packets/events - pktio: destroy interface specific pools - pktio: destroy pktio input queues - pktio: fix odp_errno usage - buffer: split pool, buffer and packet tests - init: include stdlib.h for abort() - crypto: verify session_destroy - crypto: verify odp_crypto_operation() return code - queue: destroy created ODP resources - errno: add sunnyday test * miscellaneous: - Add CPP test * bugs: - odp_init_log: fix clang format string error - buffers: remove obsolete debugging code - classification: fix unchecked return value - classification: fix incorrect ipv4 checksum update - example: generator: add missing doxygen documentation - pools: switch to simple locks for buf/blk synchronization - performance: fix c99 warnings as errors - crypto: handle copy error - system: read hugepage size for all architectures - queue: fix PKTIN queue destroy * general: - add -std=c99 gcc flag by default, fix all warnings - handle copy error in odp_crypto_operation - fix all doxygen warnings - configured defines changed ODP_CONFIG_ and moved to config.h Signed-off-by: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>