AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: pool: check pool name lengthv1.10.1.0_DPDK_16.04Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: timer: fix ODP_TIMEOUT_INVALID definitionZoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: timer: make local copy of timer_types.hZoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: devbuild: allow running gdb with unit testsZoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: devbuild: fix path for individual test runningZoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: refer to all DPDK libraries in the shared libraryZoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: std_clib: make sure dpdk_memcpy is global symbolZoltan Kiss
2016-07-26linux-dpdk: don't build static library with shared DPDKZoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port 2fc98f7b "linux-gen: sched: add pktio_stop_finalize to scheduler interface"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port 41ab23c8 "linux-gen: pktio: simplify state handling"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22linux-dpdk: test: adjust file contents after the moveZoltan Kiss
2016-07-22linux-dpdk: move platform/linux-dpdk/test to test/linux-dpdkZoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port 3e95604 "linux-gen: remove all dependencies to helper"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port d1d06aa "linux-gen: std_types: remove extra c headers"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port 9f0f2b8 "linux-gen: cpumask: remove dependency to sched.h"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port f9baafc "linux-generic: packet: copy user area as part of odp_packet_cop...Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port 072b5ca "linux-gen: packet: use packet_parser_t type argument with parse...Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Port aa7a182 "linux-gen: packet: add packet parser structure"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-22Merge branch 'master' of https://git.linaro.org/lng/odpZoltan Kiss
2016-07-22linux-gen: Makefile: Move EXTRA_DIST to to platform/Makefile.incAnders Roxell
2016-07-22linux-dpdk: m4: move m4_include above ac_check_*Anders Roxell
2016-07-22linux-generic: pool: set maximum number of pools to 64Oriol Arcas
2016-07-21doc: implementers guide update with the new structureChristophe Milard
2016-07-21test: restructuring platform-specific tests to allow other interfaceChristophe Milard
2016-07-21validation: moving api validation tests to prepare for new interfacesChristophe Milard
2016-07-21validation: diverse cosmetic fixes for checkpatchChristophe Milard
2016-07-20test: odp_crypto add termination pathMaxim Uvarov
2016-07-20example: odp_switch add termination pathMaxim Uvarov
2016-07-19linux-gen: scope ipc shared memory for packet pools onlyMaxim Uvarov
2016-07-19test: add termination path for l2fwdMaxim Uvarov
2016-07-18linux-dpdk: pool: increase maximum number of poolsZoltan Kiss
2016-07-15example: remove reference from linux-generic internal envsMaxim Uvarov
2016-07-15example/ipsec: scope ipsec examplesAnders Roxell
2016-07-15example/time/Makefile: remove incorrect postfix _testAnders Roxell
2016-07-15helper/test/Makefile: don't install testsAnders Roxell
2016-07-14linux-generic: pktio: remove doxygen for unused socket_id parameterBill Fischofer
2016-07-14linux-generic: tm: Add pthread_join call when destroyingBarry Spinney
2016-07-14linux-generic: tm: resolve todo in odp_name_table.cBarry Spinney
2016-07-08test: l2fwd: prefetch packet dataMatias Elo
2016-07-08doc: implguide: add sections on typedefs and abi coniderationsBill Fischofer
2016-07-08doc: image: add additional images for abi modelsBill Fischofer
2016-07-08doc: implguide: reformat text to conform with current doc standardsBill Fischofer
2016-07-07linux-dpdk: scripts: add git-transplant scriptZoltan Kiss
2016-07-07Port 6e00ca5e "autotools: define test extensions to skip on valgrind test"Zoltan Kiss
2016-07-07linux-dpdk: fix relocated buildZoltan Kiss
2016-07-05linux-gen: remove all dependencies to helperYi He
2016-07-05example: hello: add hello world example applicationPetri Savolainen
2016-07-05linux-gen: std_types: remove extra c headersPetri Savolainen
2016-07-05linux-gen: byteorder: remove dependency to linux headersPetri Savolainen
2016-07-05linux-gen: cpumask: remove dependency to sched.hPetri Savolainen