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@@ -999,6 +999,23 @@ config CGROUP_CPUACCT
Provides a simple Resource Controller for monitoring the
total CPU consumed by the tasks in a cgroup.
+ bool "CFS tasks boosting cgroup subsystem (EXPERIMENTAL)"
+ depends on SCHED_TUNE
+ help
+ This option provides the "schedtune" controller which improves the
+ flexibility of the task boosting mechanism by introducing the support
+ to define "per task" boost values.
+ This new controller:
+ 1. allows only a two layers hierarchy, where the root defines the
+ system-wide boost value and its direct childrens define each one a
+ different "class of tasks" to be boosted with a different value
+ 2. supports up to 16 different task classes, each one which could be
+ configured with a different boost value
+ Say N if unsure.
@@ -1237,6 +1254,32 @@ config SCHED_AUTOGROUP
desktop applications. Task group autogeneration is currently based
upon task session.
+config SCHED_TUNE
+ bool "Boosting for CFS tasks (EXPERIMENTAL)"
+ help
+ This option enables the system-wide support for task boosting.
+ When this support is enabled a new sysctl interface is exposed to
+ userspace via:
+ /proc/sys/kernel/sched_cfs_boost
+ which allows to set a system-wide boost value in range [0..100].
+ The currently boosting strategy is implemented in such a way that:
+ - a 0% boost value requires to operate in "standard" mode by
+ scheduling all tasks at the minimum capacities required by their
+ workload demand
+ - a 100% boost value requires to push at maximum the task
+ performances, "regardless" of the incurred energy consumption
+ A boost value in between these two boundaries is used to bias the
+ power/performance trade-off, the higher the boost value the more the
+ scheduler is biased toward performance boosting instead of energy
+ efficiency.
+ Since this support exposes a single system-wide knob, the specified
+ boost value is applied to all (CFS) tasks in the system.
+ If unsure, say N.
bool "Enable deprecated sysfs features to support old userspace tools"
depends on SYSFS