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+Building the Mali Device Driver for Linux
+Build the Mali Device Driver for Linux by running the following make command:
+KDIR=<kdir_path> USING_UMP=<ump_option> BUILD=<build_option> make
+ kdir_path: Path to your Linux Kernel directory
+ ump_option: 1 = Enable UMP support(*)
+ 0 = disable UMP support
+ build_option: debug = debug build of driver
+ release = release build of driver
+(*) For newer Linux Kernels, the Module.symvers file for the UMP device driver
+ must be available. The UMP_SYMVERS_FILE variable in the Makefile should
+ point to this file. This file is generated when the UMP driver is built.
+The result will be a mali.ko file, which can be loaded into the Linux kernel
+by using the insmod command.
+Use of UMP is not recommended. The dma-buf API in the Linux kernel has
+replaced UMP. The Mali Device Driver will be built with dma-buf support if the
+kernel config includes enabled dma-buf.
+The kernel needs to be provided with a platform_device struct for the Mali GPU
+device. See the mali_utgard.h header file for how to set up the Mali GPU