BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
demo_soscon2015disable cachechunseok lee3 years
gh-pagesUpdate the webpage (#2359)László Langó4 weeks
gh-pages-jrs2017-slidesAdd slides of the JrS2017 workshopAkos Kiss9 months
jerryscript-release-1.0.0Add documentation to port APILászló Langó22 months
masterFix jerry_create_error_from_value (#2403)Istvan Miklos10 hours
v1.0jerryscript-1.0.tar.gz  László Langó22 months
v1.0-RC2jerryscript-1.0-RC2.tar.gz  Zsolt Borbély22 months
v1.0-RC1jerryscript-1.0-RC1.tar.gz  Akos Kiss23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 hoursFix jerry_create_error_from_value (#2403)HEADmasterIstvan Miklos
10 hoursAdd restart command to the debugger (#2401)Imre Kiss
38 hoursFix parse_print_final_cbc dump when arguments is used (#2400)Zoltan Herczeg
48 hoursRemove ECMA_LEXICAL_ENVIRONMENT_OBJECT_BOUND. (#2408)Zoltan Herczeg
2 daysAdd literal property to the byte code list. (#2397)Zoltan Herczeg
2 daysImprove sonarqube analysis to cover more code path. (#2381)László Langó
4 daysFix literal free when show opcodes is enabled. (#2398)Zoltan Herczeg
7 daysAdd operational mode for jerry_gc API call. (#2385)Zoltan Herczeg
8 daysReduce code duplication between String.charAt and charCodeAt (#2331)Mátyás Mustoha
9 daystargets: zephyr: Remove old option from prj.conf (#2396)Paul Sokolovsky