BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrevert: temporary: disable parallel test executionClark Laughlin3 years
neutronEnable neutronAndrew McDermott4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-08revert: temporary: disable parallel test executionHEADmasterClark Laughlin
2015-12-08build-libvirt.yaml: restart libvirt-bin at the end of the buildClark Laughlin
2015-12-07temporary: disable parallel test executionClark Laughlin
2015-12-07start building libvirt from source to get the a newer version now, build from...Clark Laughlin
2015-12-04local.conf: attempt to fix ssh issuesClark Laughlin
2015-12-04local.conf: increase tempest timeoutsClark Laughlin
2015-12-04attach-logs.sh: grab tempest.log from /opt/stack/tempestClark Laughlin
2015-12-04local.conf: change how ssh connectsClark Laughlin
2015-12-03local.sh: workaround for bug deleting a flavor using unified clientClark Laughlin
2015-12-03change openstack client commands to use new unified openstack cliClark Laughlin