BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMove eslint-config-kibana into core (#12725)Kim Joar Bekkelund8 months
v5.4.1Enable deb/rpm packages for arm64Jun He8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-07-25Move eslint-config-kibana into core (#12725)HEADmasterKim Joar Bekkelund
2017-07-24[Management] Provide a way to fetch index pattern titles (#13030)Chris Roberson
2017-07-24Branching for 6.0: bump version to 7.0.0-alpha1jimgoodwin
2017-07-24Remove translations from management section (#13049)Court Ewing
2017-07-24Fixes #12602 - Change TSVB Fields API to use fieldCaps API (#12611)Chris Cowan
2017-07-24Should only fit on shapes that are part of the result (#12881)Thomas Neirynck
2017-07-24Children of buttons won't capture hover events in firefox (#13015)Stacey Gammon
2017-07-22Add rule about tabindex > 0 to the styleguide (#12981)Tim Roes
2017-07-21Fix/ui app link to last url ii (#13044)Tim Sullivan
2017-07-21Configurable custom response headers for server (#13045)Court Ewing